May 11, 1999


Big Ten Teams in the Rankings (as of May 11 team-only rankings)

%^$ 7. Illinois (25-3)%^$33. Michigan (16-4)%^$37. Purdue (17-7)%^$38. Minnesota (13-11)%^$40. Indiana (14-9)%^$48. Northwestern (11-12)%^$T68. Michigan State (10-13)%^$%^$

%^$Big Ten Singles Players in the Rankings (as of May 4 Spring V rankings)

%^$ 9. Oliver Freelove, Illinois%^$27. Tom Chicoine, Minnesota%^$43. Mark Loughrin, Wisconsin%^$54. Tyler Cleveland, Iowa%^$55. Doug Bohaboy, Northwestern%^$63. Cary Franklin, Illinois%^$69. Cris James, Purdue%^$87. Jason Marshall, Purdue%^$93. CHRIS PORTER, OHIO STATE%^$%^$

%^$Big Ten Doubles Teams in the Rankings (as of May 4 Spring V Rankings)

%^$ 5. Freelove/Franklin, Illinois%^$28. Kigongo/Trinidad, Michigan State%^$T47. Laski/Parker, Illinois%^$49. Bengtsson/Bohaboy, Northwestern%^$50. Chicoine/Michalowski, Minnesota%^$

%^$Big Ten Teams Participating in the NCAA Championships
%^$- Illinois
%^$- Michigan
%^$- Purdue
%^$- Northwestern
%^$- Minnesota
%^$- Indiana

%^$Big Ten NCAA Singles Participants
%^$- Oliver Freelove, Illinois (automatic bid)
%^$- Tom Chicoine, Minnesota (automatic bid)
%^$- Mark Loughrin, Wisconsin (automatic bid)
%^$- Doug Bohaboy, Northwestern (at-large bid)
%^$- Tyler Cleveland, Iowa (at-large bid)

%^$Big Ten NCAA Doubles Participants
%^$- Cary Franklin/Oliver Freelove, Illinois (automatic bid)
%^$- Jeff Laski/Gavin Sontag, Illinois (automatic bid)

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