Aug. 6, 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A total of 12 current or former Ohio State student-athletes or coaches will take part in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games, set to begin August 13 in Athens, Greece. This grows the number of Buckeyes who have competed all-time in the Olympics to 107.

Three of the 12 will serve as coaches, including Miles Avery (assistant coach, men’s gymnastics), Doug Beal (head coach, men’s volleyball) and Linda Witter (assistant coach, synchronized swimming).

The nine athletes include Raj Bhavsar (men’s gymnastics, alternate, USA), Louise Bond-Williams (fencing, sabre, England), Robert Gary (3,000 meter steeplechase, USA), Gulsah Gunenc (swimming, 100 and 200 meter butterfly, Turkey), Becky Jasontek (synchronized swimming, USA), Nick Rees (swimming, 100 meter butterfly, Bahamas), Jason Rogers (fencing, sabre, USA), Katie Smith (women’s basketball, USA) and Blaine Wilson (men’s gymnastics, USA).

Former Buckeye track and field standout Stephanie Hightower, who competed in the 1980 Olympics, will serve as the head manager of the USA women’s track and field squad.

In addition, Ohio State wrestling head coach Russ Hellickson and women’s soccer head coach Lori Walker will assist in NBC’s television coverage of the games. Hellickson will serve as the play-by-play talent for wrestling, while Walker will provide color commentary for women’s soccer.


Name (Country) Years at
Olympic Sport Years in Olympics (Medals Won)
Carl Cooke (USA) 1912 Men’s Track and Field 1912
Garnett Wikoff (USA) 1912 Men’s Track and Field 1912
James Snook (Belgium) 1920 Pistol 1920
George Guthrie (USA) 1924-1926 Men’s Track and Field 1924
C. Russell Payne (USA) 1924 Men’s Track and Field 1924
Harry Dwight Steel (USA) 1923-1924 Wrestling 1924 (gold)
Jack Keller (USA) 1931-1933 Men’s Track and Field 1932
George Simpson (USA) 1928-1930 Men’s Track and Field 1932 (silver)
David Albritton (USA) 1936-1938 Men’s Track and Field 1936 (silver)
Ralph Gilman (USA) 1936 Men’s Swimming 1936
John Herbert Higgins (USA) 1936 Men’s Swimming 1936
Jesse Owens (USA) 1933-1936 Men’s Track and Field 1936 (gold-4)
Miller Anderson (USA) Men’s Diving 1948 (silver)-52 (silver)
Peter T. George (USA) 1952-1956 Weightlifting 1948 (silver)-52 (gold)-56 (silver)
Bruce Ira Harlan (USA) 1947-1950 Men’s Diving 1948 (gold, silver)
Bill Smith (USA) 1943, 1947-1949 Men’s Swimming 1948 (gold-2)
Malvin Whitfield (USA) 1946-1949 Men’s Track and Field 1948 (gold-2, bronze)-1952 (gold, silver)
Lucien Beaumont (Canada) 1952 Men’s Diving 1952
Nathan Brooks (USA) Boxing 1952 (gold)
Jack Calhoun (USA) 1947-1950 Men’s Diving 1952
Dick Cleveland (USA) 1951-1954 Men’s Swimming 1952
Bob Clotworthy (USA) 1950-1953 Men’s Diving 1952 (bronze)-56 (gold)
Gerald Cole (USA) 1950-1953 Men’s Track and Field 1952 (silver)
Frank Martin Dooley (USA) 1950-1951 Men’s Swimming 1952
Jerry Holan (USA) 1951-1953 Men’s Swimming 1952
Ford Hiroshi Konno (USA) 1952-1955 Men’s Swimming 1952 (gold-2, silver)-56 (silver)
Gerry McNamee (Canada) 1953-1957 Men’s Swimming 1952
Yoshinobu Oyakawa (USA) 1952-1955 Men’s Swimming 1952 (gold)-56
Leo Portelance (Canada) 1952 Men’s Swimming 1952
Nick Silverio (Cuba) Men’s Swimming 1952-56
Jack George Neil Taylor (USA) 1950-1952 Men’s Swimming 1952 (bronze)
Paul Ebert 1952-1954 Baseball Unknown
Glenn Davis (USA) 1956-1959 Men’s Track and Field 1956 (gold)-60 (gold-2)
James D. George (USA) Weightlifting 1956 (bronze)-60 (silver)
Donald Harper (USA) 1955-1958 Men’s Diving 1956 (silver)
George Onekea, Jr. (USA) 1956-1959 Men’s Swimming 1956
Glen Allen Whitten (USA) 1955-1958 Men’s Diving 1956
Albert Wiggins, Jr. (USA) 1956-1957 Men’s Swimming 1956
Juan Botella (Mexico) 1960-1963 Men’s Diving 1960 (bronze)
Sam Wesley Hall (USA) 1957-1960 Men’s Diving 1960 (silver)
Jerry Lucas (USA) 1959-1962 Men’s Basketball 1960 (gold)
John Robert Pulskamp (USA) Weightlifting 1960
Thomas Eugene Gompf (USA) 1958-1961 Men’s Diving 1964 (bronze)
Louis Vincent Vitucci (USA) 1960-1963 Men’s Diving 1964
Bill Hosket (USA) 1965-1968 Men’s Basketball 1968 (gold)
Chuck Knorr (USA) 1965-1968 Men’s Diving 1968
Tom Lough (USA) 1968-1971 Pentathlon 1968
Richard Bruggeman (USA) 1967-1970 Men’s Track and Field 1972
Michael H. Finneran (USA) 1968-1971 Men’s Diving 1972
Richard Redwine Gates (USA) 1972 Sailing 1972
Daniel Carlson 1967-1969 Baseball Unknown
Joseph Sadelfeld 1967-1969 Baseball Unknown
Jennifer Kay Chandler (USA) 1975-1978 Women’s Diving 1976 (gold)
Tim Moore (USA) 1972-1975 Men’s Diving 1976
Kent Douglas Vosler (USA) 1974-1977 Men’s Diving 1976
Debbie Wilson (USA) Women’s Diving 1976 (bronze)
Stephanie Hightower (USA)* 1977-1980 Women’s Track and Field 1980
Susan Marcellus (USA)* 1976-1979 Field Hockey 1980
Ana Amicarella 1985-1987 Synchronized Swimming 1984
Aldis Imants Berzins (USA) 1975-1978 Men’s Volleyball 1984 (gold)
Diane Dixon (USA) 1983 Women’s Track and Field 1984-88 (silver)
Richard Duwelius (USA) 1975-1976 Men’s Volleyball 1984 (gold)
Sarah Josephson (USA) 1982-1985 Synchronized Swimming 1984-88 (silver)-92 (gold)
Kelly Anne McCormick (USA) 1982, 1983 Women’s Diving 1984 (silver)-88 (bronze)
Jerry Page (USA) Boxing 1984 (gold)
Marc Robert Waldie (USA) 1974-1977 Men’s Volleyball 1984 (gold)
Greg Baker (USA) Taekwondo 1988 (bronze)
Mark Bradshaw (USA) 1982-1985 Men’s Diving 1988
Maria Giusti (Venezuela) 1989-1991 Synchronized Swimming 1988-92
Sue Ha (Korea) 1988-1991 Synchronized Swimming 1988
Patrick S. Jeffrey (USA) 1985-1989 Men’s Diving 1988-96
Bryant O. Johnson (USA) 1985 Team Handball 1988
Karen Josephson (USA) 1982-1985 Synchronized Swimming 1988 (silver)-92 (gold)
Gil Pinto (Brazil) 1987-1989 Men’s Gymnastics 1988
Butch Reynolds (USA) 1986-1987 Men’s Track and Field 1988 (gold, silver)-92-96
Darius Robert Young (USA) 1968 Pistol 1988-92
Mary Ellen Clark (USA) 1996 Women’s Diving 1992 (bronze)-96 (bronze)
Mark Daniel Coleman (USA) 1987-1988 Wrestling 1992
Mark Croghan (USA) 1988-1991 Men’s Track and Field 1992-96-2000
Joe Greene (USA) 1987-1990 Men’s Track and Field 1992 (bronze)-96 (bronze)
Karen LaFace (USA) 1985-1988 Women’s Diving 1992
Gordon M. Sheer (USA) Men’s Luge 1992-94-98 (silver)
Roger Smith (Bahamas) 1983-1986 Men’s Tennis 1992-96
Timothy Wiley (USA) Men’s Luge 1992
Eswort Coombs (Virgin Islands) 1996-1997 Men’s Track and Field 1996
Robert Gary (USA) 1992-1995 Men’s Track and Field 1996
Richard Jones (Guyana) 1992-1994 Men’s Track and Field 1996
Gabor Koves (Hungary) 1989-1992 Men’s Tennis 1996
David J. Pichler (USA) 1989-1992 Men’s Diving 1996-2000
Kip Simons (USA) 1991-1994 Men’s Gymnastics 1996
Marko Strahija (Croatia) 1995-1998 Men’s Swimming 1996-2000
Blaine Wilson (USA) 1994-1997 Men’s Gymnastics 1996-2000
Carolina Moraes (Brazil) 1999-2002 Synchronized Swimming 2000
Isabella Moraes (Brazil) 1999-2002 Synchronized Swimming 2000
Nick Rees (Bahamas) 2000-2003 Men’s Swimming 2000
Katie Smith (USA) 1993-1996 Women’s Basketball 2000 (gold)
Bryan Volpenhein (USA) Men’s Rowing 2000
Emma Laaksonen (Finland) 2001-2004 Women’s Ice Hockey 2002
Lea Ann Parsley (USA) Skeleton 2002 (silver)