SASSO Tutoring Program


Student-Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO) provides students with a quiet place for studying and computer lab use as well as for scheduling a tutor for many academic subjects. Our tutors are graduate students and upperclassmen who provide supplemental support to classroom learning. One-on-one tutoring will provide you with an environment to ask questions and process information at your own pace, while improving knowledge of yourself as a learner. Tutoring invites you into a deeper, more focused concentration on the subject matter.

The SASSO Tutoring Program is certified by the CRLA

It is important to remember that tutors will not do the work for you. You need to come prepared with text, notes, and syllabus. You need to have gone to class and done your reading. You need to have at least tried the assignment before you get to the tutoring session.

As with any work you do or help you receive, be ever mindful of the academic integrity of your work.


Math Tutoring Resources:

The Math-Stat Learning Center will have hours inCockins Hall Monday-Thursday 9:30-4:30, Friday 9:30-1:30. 210Younkin will also have hours Monday-Thursday5:30-7:30. 

AMIS (Accounting) 211 & 310 Tutoring Resources:

Click here for the AMIS 211 & 310 TutoringSchedule


For more information, contact Ruth Bolzenius or call 292-7088.