Oct. 26, 2011

Jake Stoneburner, junior tight end
On the passing game
“We always work on the passing game during the week and it’s just the situation in the game to whether it’s called or not. Braxton has looked confident with his reads and his footwork in practice this past week. I think we definitely need to have more of a passing attack to be successful against Wisconsin.”

On Badgers’ loss at Michigan State
“It was a great play by the Michigan State receiver, but I think Wisconsin will not look back from it and prepare very hard for us this week. Just like when they beat us at their place last year, you can’t look back on losses, but can only try and get better and prepare for the present and future.”

Etienne Sabino, junior linebacker
On preparing for Wisconsin
“They have really good backs that can find creases and run hard. It will be one of the biggest challenges we will face this year and Wisconsin always has had a good offensive line that is strong and this year is no different. We will have to make sure we take care of all of our responsibilities as a defense and avoid beating ourselves.”

On Russell Wilson
“I think the biggest difference with Russell than past quarterbacks they’ve had as an offense is his ability to keep plays alive. We are going to have to make sure we contain him in the pocket when he tries to scramble. This will be our biggest test to date.”

Travis Howard, junior cornerback
On Wisconsin’s offense
“They were big on running last year and now they have added more playmakers and obviously have a great quarterback. They definitely bring a lot of challenges.”

On the Big Ten race
“We have new life but we also know that we have to play our game. We have to go out there, be physical and show what Ohio State football is all about.”

Mike Brewster, senior center
On the team’s outlook
“We’ve been through so much and it is refreshing and reviving that we control our own destiny. There’s a whole new outlook for us. We have grown so much since the start of the season and it’s up to us to take advantage.”

On the offense
“We have been working on some new things in the passing game but it’s good to know that we can run the ball when the box is stacked. Seeing Braxton takes the steps forward that he has from the start of the year until now gives us a lot of confidence as well.”