January 16, 2022

Trio Win Titles at Purple Raider Open


Final Brackets

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State entered 13 wrestlers in the Purple Raider Open Sunday and came away with three titles.

Freshman Andre Gonzales went 4-0 at 133 while Jason Hubbard (5-0/157) and Rocky Jordan (4-0/184) earned titles in their respective weight classes.

Gonzales has won a pair of open events this year. He also went 4-0 in his first career collegiate event to win the Fresh/Soph Division at the MSU Open last November.

Jordan and Hubbard also won their brackets at the Storm Open in early December.

Purple Raider Open (Jan. 16, Peterson Fieldhouse Mount Vernon, Alliance, Ohio)

133 (Gonzales/4-0 First)
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Clayton Bashor (EDIN) | TF, 18-3 3:42
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. David Massey (MUU) | D, 10-5
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Christia White (PUR Unat.) | D, 2-0
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) vs. Dylan Chappell (BUCK Unat.) | D, 3-2

133 (Betancourt/4-1 Third)
Will Betancourt (OSU) def. Caleb Edwards (EDIN Unat.) | TF, 19-4 6:21
Dylan Chappel (BUCK Unat.) def. Will Betancourt (OSU) | D, 6-1
Will Betancourt (OSU) def. Cameron Soda (EDIN) | D, 4-3
Will Betancourt (OSU) def. Gavin Ritter (FIN) | D, 7-1
Will Betancourt (OSU) def. Christia White (PUR Unat.) | D, 8-1
Will Betancourt (OSU) def. David Massey (MUU) | NC

141 (Reeves/3-3 Sixth)
Klay Reeves (OSU) def. Austin Fietz (Lake Erie Unat.) | D, 6-3
Chris Kim (MICH Unat.) def. Klay Reeves (OSU) | D, 9-6
Klay Reeves (OSU) def. Chase McLaughlin (GAN Unat.) | D, 5-3
Klay Reeves (OSU) def. Chandler Ho (CLAR Unat.) | SV-1, 3-1
James Ryan (GAN Unat.) def. Klay Reeves (OSU) | D, 3-2
Brock Herman (Unat.) def. Klay Reeves (OSU) | FF

157 (Gallagher/4-1 Second)
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def.
M. Hollingsworth (RIO Unat.) | TF, 16-0 2:07
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Jeff Dunfee (MUU) | Fall, 4:23
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def.
Cooper Warshel (PITT Unat.) | TF, 23-4 4:49
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Tristan Pugh (GSC) | MD, 18-4
Jashon Hubbard (OSU) def. Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) | FF

157 (Hubbard/5-0 First)
Jashon Hubbard (OSU) def. Brock Lowery (ASH) | Fall, 0:53
Jashon Hubbard (OSU) def. Jesse Wrighe (MUU) | Fall, 1:13
Jashon Hubbard (OSU) def. Ryan Troyer (RGU) | Fall, 0:57
Jashon Hubbard (OSU) def. Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) | D, 6-0
Jashon Hubbard (OSU) def. Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) | FF

157 (Wilcox/3-1 Fourth)
Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) def. Douglas Terry (CSU Unat.) | D, 3-2
Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) def. Aaron Faison (Unat.) | Fall, 2:04
Jashon Hubbard (OSU) vs. Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) | D, 6-0
Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) def. Dooper Warshel (PITT Unat.) | FF

174 (Hall/ 3-1 Second)
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) def. Cole Casilio (GAN Unat.) | MD, 14-1
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) def. James Lledo (PITT) | D, 14-12
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) vs. Lucas Daly (MSU Unat.) | Fall, 1:42
Jaden Bullock (MICH Unat.) def. Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) | FF

184 (Jordan/4-0 First)
Rocky Jordan (OSU) def. Jacob Kowalski (FIN Unat.) | TF, 16-0 2:57
Rocky Jordan (OSU) def. Seth Konynenbelt (GVS Unat.) | TF, 18-3, 5:30
Rocky Jordan (OSU) def. M. Parkinson (PUR Unat.) | TF 17-0 4:17
Rocky Jordan (OSU) def. Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) | FF

184 (Bell/3-1 Second)
Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) def. Logan Huggins (RGU) | TF, 16-0 2:26
Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) def. Joey Lyons (CSU Unat.) | Fall, 2:00
Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) def. Cole Houser (GSC) | Fall, 3:43
Rocky Jordan (OSU) def. Gavin Bell (OSU Unat.) | FF

197 (Stein/2-1 Sixth)
Ben Vanadia (PUR Unat.) def. Tyler Stein (OSU) | SV, 6-4
Tyler Stein (OSU) def. Joseph Posledni (GVS Unat.) | Fall, 5:54
Tyler Stein (OSU) def. Brett Wittmann (CLAR) | SV-1, 4-2

197 (Boykin/2-1 Sixth)
Nick Boykin (OSU) def. Brett Whitmann (CLAR) | D, 8-5
Nick Boykin (OSU) def. Brendin Yatooma (MICH Unat.) | D, 2-1
Jacob Lee (MSU Unat.) def. Nick Boykin (OSU) | D, 8-7

HWT (Swenski/2-1 Second)
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) def. Robbie Unruh (Unat.) | D, 2-1
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) def. Laron Parks (NDC) | D, 6-2
Keegan Nugent (MICH Unat.) def. Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) | FF

HWT (Misita/1-3 Sixth)
Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Nicholas West (MSU Unat.) | D, 5-0
Keegan Nugent (MICH Unat.) def. Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) | D, 6-2
Robbie Unruh (BUFF Unat.) def. Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) | FF
Laron Parks (NDC) def. Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) | FF