April 15, 2000

COLUMBUS, Ohio – %^$The Ohio State Track Teams competed against Florida State, Tulane and the University of Miami (Fla.) in today’s United States Track Coaches Association Quad Meet in Tallahassee, Fla. The men placed first with 209 points and the women placed second with 172 points to host Florida State (182).%^$

%^$The men showed their strengths in many areas earning seven first-place finishes. Andrew Pierce (Jr., Yellow Springs, Ohio/ Yellow Springs) led the way for the men with two first-place finishes. He won the 200-meter dash with a seasonal best time of 21.24 and then he earned a NCAA provisional qualifying time of 45.49 in his first-place finish in the 400, only nine one-hundredths of a second from reaching the 45.40 automatic qualifying mark. Jon Lageman (Fr., Centerville, Ohio/ Centerville) earned first-place in the hammer throw with a record shattering distance of 178’8″. Teammate Andrew Saurer (So., Smithville, Ohio/Smithville) also threw his personal best distance of 173’10. George Hoover (Fr., Erie, Pa./ Cathedral Prep) broke the school record which he set last week in the javelin throwing 210’11”.%^$

%^$For the women, the tandem of Donica Merriman (Jr., Trotwood, Ohio/ Trotwood-Madison) and Dominque Calloway (Sr., Auroa, Colo./ Denver South) helped lead the Buckeyes to their second-place finish. Merriman won the 200 with a provisional qualifying time of 23.12. She also won the 100-meter hurdles tying the stadium record (Kim McKenzie, 1988) with a time of 12.92. Calloway placed second in the 100 hurdles with an automatic qualifying time of 12.93. She also won the 400-meter hurdles with a provisional qualifying time of 58.36. The women’s 4×100-meter relay team was in action for the first time this season earning a first-place finish and a provisional qualifying time of 44.99. Keely Hancox (So., Franklin, Pa./ Franklin) broke the school’s javelin record (Patricia Hozdic, 125’9″, 1992) throwing 129’2″.%^$

%^$ The Buckeyes return to Columbus to host their first home meet of the outdoor season on Saturday, April 22 against Michigan and Seton Hall. This will be the first meet held at the new Jesse Owens Track and Field Complex.%^$


%^$Results from United States Track Coaches Association Quad Meet%^$

%^$Team Scores%^$


%^$1. Florida State 182%^$2. Ohio State 172%^$3. University of Miami 146%^$4. Tulane University 106%^$



%^$1. Ohio State 209%^$2. Florida State 198%^$3. Tulane University 118%^$4. University of Miami 110%^$

%^$Women’s Results%^$

%^$Women’s 100-Meter Dash%^$1. Tonya Carter, Florida State 11.54%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 11.65%^$3. Nekeya Crutchfield, Florida State 11.80%^$8. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio State 13.03%^$


%^$Women’s 200-Meter Dash%^$

%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 23.12%^$2. Tonya Carter, Florida State 23.58%^$3. Nakeya Crutchfield, Florida State 23.88%^$6. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio State 25.10%^$8. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio State 26.39%^$

%^$Women’s 400-Meter Dash%^$

%^$1. Tangela Wobbleton, Florida State 53.92%^$2. Nikeloa Balogun, Tulane 54.20%^$3. Saraque Whittaker, Miami 54.47%^$6. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio State 55.50%^$7. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 56.75%^$

%^$Women’s 800-Meter Run%^$

%^$1. Samantha George, Florida State 2:05.74%^$2. Patricia Pearson, Miami 2:06.92%^$3. Lana Garner, Tulane 2:07.45%^$6. Mandy Osmond, Ohio State 2:15.66%^$8. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 2:43.76%^$

%^$Women’s 1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Hanne Lungsfad, Tulane 4:22.69%^$2. Natalie Watson, Miami 4:29.62%^$3. Mandy Osmond, Ohio State 4:32.94%^$6. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 4:43.30%^$

%^$Women’s 3,000-Meter Run%^$1. Hanne Lungsfad, Tunlane 9:53.99%^$2. Shannon Sarabyn, Miami 10:12.51%^$3. Kayrn Kelly, Ohio State 10:21.39%^$4. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 10:23.89%^$

%^$Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 12.92%^$2. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 12.93%^$3. Kim Jones, Florida State 14.44%^$

%^$Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 58.36%^$2. Chinette Johnson, Florida State 59.71%^$3. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 1:00.13%^$

%^$Women’s 4×100-Meter Relay%^$1. Florida State 44.84%^$2. Ohio State 44.99%^$3. Tulane 45.24%^$

%^$Women’s 4×400-Meter Relay%^$1. Tulane 3:36.85%^$2. Miami 3:38.53%^$3. Ohio State 3:42.42%^$

%^$Women’s High Jump%^$1. Tami Smith, Ohio State 5’8″%^$2. Chinette Johnson, Florida State 5’6″%^$3. Michaela Steele, Florida State 5’6″%^$4. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 5’6″%^$5. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 5’6″%^$

%^$Women’s Long Jump%^$1. Gina Harris, Miami 20’4-1/2″%^$2. Antonnikka Ownes, Miami 19’8″%^$3. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio State 19’5-1/2″%^$4. Tina Johnson, Ohio State 19’3-1/2″%^$11. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 14’5″%^$

%^$Women’s Triple Jump%^$1. Karen Clark, Miami 41’1-1/2″%^$2. Teressa Davis, Florida State 38’11-3/4″%^$3. Suzette Rose, Miami 38’11-3/4″%^$5. Nicolette Chambers, Ohio State 38’9″%^$6. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 32’11-1/4″%^$

%^$Women’s Pole Vault%^$1. Lindsay Atkins, Florida State 11’10-1/2″%^$2. Rachel Zukowski, Ohio State 10’10-3/4″%^$3. Suzette Rose, Miami 10’4-3/4″%^$

%^$Women’s Shot Put%^$1. Adrienne Moss, Miami 47’8-1/2″%^$2. Makiba Batten, Florida State 46’2-1/2″%^$3. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 45’5″%^$6. Katy Craig, Ohio State 38’4″%^$

%^$Women’s Discus Throw%^$1. Makiba Batten, Florida State 163’11″%^$2. Katy Craig, Ohio State 147’5″%^$3. Adrienne Moss, Miami 140’11″%^$7. Keeley Hancox, Ohio Stte 113’10″%^$

%^$Women’s Hammer Throw%^$1. Lakeisha Mose, Florida State 174’3″%^$2. Katy Craig, Ohio State 168’2″%^$3. Karen Rademeyer, Florida State 147’%^$10. Keeley Hancox, Ohio State 73’2″%^$

%^$Women’s Javelin Throw%^$1. Catherine Betz, Tulane 145’5″%^$2. Shannon Steele, Florida State 145’2″%^$3. Karen Rademeyer, Florida State 137’1″%^$5. Keeley Hancox, Ohio State 129’2″%^$6. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio State 113’11″%^$7. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 95’4″%^$

%^$Men’s Results%^$Men’s 100-Meter Dash%^$1. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 10.68%^$2. Edison Francis, Ohio State 10.88%^$3. Jayson Jones, Florida State 10.93%^$

%^$Men’s 200-Meter Dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 21.24%^$2. Kambon Sampson, Ohio State 21.81%^$3. Reggie Wayne, Miami 21.87%^$

%^$Men’s 400-Meter Dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 45.49%^$2. Chris Williams, Florida State 47.39%^$3. Mike Jennings, Florida State 47.68%^$5. Kambon Sampson, Ohio State 48.16%^$

%^$Men’s 800-Meter Run%^$1. Rob Myers, Ohio State 1:50.56%^$2. Clement Abai, Tulane 1:51.40%^$3. Danny Smith, Florida State 1:51.78%^$4. Marcus Harris, Ohio State 1:54.53%^$

%^$Men’s 1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Maarten Van Den Heuvel, Florida State3:47.64%^$2. Rob Myers, Ohio State 3:48.42%^$3. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 3:51.02%^$

%^$Men’s 3,000-Meter Run%^$1. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 8:31.37%^$2. Jacob Busenei, Tulane 8:37.83%^$3. Peter Rutich, Tulane 8:41.912%^$4. J.J. O’Rielly, Ohio State 8:42.30%^$

%^$Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Lesley Caldrequis, Miami 14.03%^$2. Iain Harnden, Florida State 14.11%^$3. Joel Brown, Ohio State 14.49%^$7. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 14.66%^$8. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 16.69%^$

%^$Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Edridge Darling, Tulane 50.71%^$2. Steve Augustine, Florida State 50.97%^$3. Danyne Brown, Florida State 51.81%^$4. Courntey Cornwall, Ohio State 54.51%^$5. Joel Brown, Ohio State 55.09%^$

%^$Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase%^$1. Soloman Xandie, Tulane 8:52.44%^$2. Jacob Busenei, Tulane 8:59.99%^$3. Ian Connor, Ohio State 9:21.23%^$5. J.J. O’Rielly, Ohio State 9:38.32%^$

%^$Men’s 4×100-Meter Relay%^$1. Miami 40.28%^$2. Ohio State 40.58%^$3. Florida State 41.18%^$

%^$Men’s 4×400-Meter Relay%^$1. Tulane 3:08.56%^$2. Ohio State 3:09.63%^$3. Florida State 3:17.39%^$

%^$Men’s High Jump%^$1. Jamie Russell, Great Britain 6’9-3/4″%^$2. Christian Bland, Florida State 6’8″%^$3. Mario Lowe, Florida State 6’6″%^$4. Jeff Cerveny, Ohio State 6’4″%^$8. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 5’8″%^$Men’s Long Jump%^$1. Joe Allen, Florida State 25’2-1/2″%^$2. Jevon Walker, Unattached 24’9-1/4″%^$3. Kolby Jones, Florida State 24’3-1/2″%^$8. Jeff Cerveny, Ohio State 21’7-1/2″%^$11. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 20’4-1/2″%^$

%^$Men’s Triple Jump%^$1. Mario Lowe, Florida State 51’5-1/2″%^$2. Joe Allen, Florida State 50’10″%^$3. Jevon Walker, Unattached 49’11″%^$4. Jeff Cerveny, Ohio State 41’3-1/2″%^$5. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 39’5″%^$

%^$Men’s Pole Vault%^$1. Corey Johnson, Ohio State 16’0-3/4″%^$2. Jeff Atkinson, Florida State 15’7″%^$3. Jabari Ennis, Miami 15’7″%^$5. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 14’1-1/4″%^$

%^$Men’s Shot Put%^$1. Donald Heaven, Florida State 51’8-1/4″%^$2. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 46’1-1/2″%^$3. Renzi Sanderas, Tulane 45’2-1/2″%^$5. Jon Lageman, Ohio State 44’4-3/4″%^$

%^$Men’s Discus Throw%^$1. Donald Heaven, Florida State 159’3″%^$2. Josh Bowling, Florida State 152’7″%^$3. Nathan Junjius, Tulane 152’%^$5. Jon Norman, Ohio State 148’3″%^$7. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 137’0″%^$

%^$Men’s Hammer Throw%^$1. Jon Lageman, Ohio State 178’8″%^$2. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 173’10″%^$3. Ryan O’Donnell, Florida State 153’1″%^$5. Jon Norman, Ohio State 151’3″%^$

%^$Men’s Javelin Throw%^$1. Nathan Junius, Tulane 233’7″%^$2. George Hoover, Ohio State 210’11″%^$3. Mike Brown, Unattached 208’1″%^$11. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 138’10”