April 9, 2000

COLUMBUS, Ohio – %^$The Ohio State Track and Field Teams were in action Saturday at the Brutus Hamilton Memorial Invitational in Berkeley, Calif. and at the Youngstown State Invitational. The Brutus Hamilton Memorial Invitational presented top competition from the University of California, Southern California, Washington, Stanford, Wake Forest and several members of the Taiwan and Japan National Teams.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes who competed at Youngstown State faced competition from Ashland, Kent State, Westminster College and Youngstown State. Ohio State was well represented with the men earning 17 Top 3 finishes and the women earning 15 Top 3 finishes.%^$

%^$Many Buckeyes improved their seasonal times including Dominque Calloway (Sr., Aurora, Colo./ Denver South), who won the 100-meter hurdles with a NCAA automatic qualifying time of 12.7. She also improved her seasonal time in the 400-meter hurdles with a first-place provisional qualifying time of 57.22. Tami Smith (Fr., Galloway, Ohio/Westland) set a new personal record in the high jump with a first-place height of 5’8-1/2″. For the men, Andrew Pierce (Jr., Yellow Springs, Ohio/ Yellow Springs) improved his seasonal best in the 400-meter dash with a provisional qualifying time of 45.58. George Hoover (Fr., Erie, Pa./Cathedral Prep) broke the school record (198’3″, Eric Boyd 1997) in the javelin with a throw of 210’7″. The men’s and women’s 4×400-meter relay teams both earned first-place finishes and the men improved their provisional qualifying time to 3:06.63.%^$

%^$Desiree Jones (Jr., Akron, Ohio/John R. Butchel) who was injured early in the indoor season returned to competition at the Youngstown State Invitational. She earned a second-place finish in the high jump clearing a height of 5’4″ and a second place finish in the javelin (107’4″). Head coach Russ Rogers said the team is excited to have her back and she will be taking things easy for the first few weeks to make sure she is completely recovered.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will travel to Tallahasse, Fla. on April 15-16 to compete in Florida State’s Invitational.%^$



%^$Results from Brutus Hamilton Memorial Invitational%^$

%^$Women’s Results%^$

%^$Women’s 100-Meter Dash%^$1. Tania Woods, Unattached 11.69%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 11.77%^$3. Zhauntel Holman, California 11.95%^$


%^$Women’s 400-Meter Dash%^$1. Kelsley Sheppard, Washington 54.6%^$2. Miesha Marzell, Unattached 54.8%^$3. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 55.7%^$


%^$Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 12.7%^$2. Bisa Grant, Unattached 13.3%^$3. Tina Watkins, Cal State Bakersfield 13.9%^$


%^$Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 57.22%^$2. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 1:00.36%^$3. Brooke Wilson, Nevada-Reno 1:00.58%^$

%^$Women’s 800-Meter Run%^$1. Erin Belger, California 2:09.46%^$2. Elissa Riedy, Unattached 2:11.38%^$3. Jen Peck, Farm Team 2:11.80%^$4. Mandy Osmond, Ohio State 2:14.24%^$

%^$Women’s 1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Lori Riedy, Unattatched 4:25.94%^$2. Magdalena Lewy, Unattached 4:27.10%^$3. Mandy Osmond, Ohio State 4:28.52%^$

%^$Women’s 4×400-Meter Relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:41.33%^$2. Washington 3:43.46%^$3. California 3:50.80%^$

%^$Women’s Long Jump%^$1. Grace Upshaw, Unattached 20’00-1/2″%^$2. Kenya Corley, California 19’9-3/4″%^$3. Reynda King, California 19’0-1/4″%^$4. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio State 18-10-1/4″%^$

%^$Women’s High Jump%^$1. Tami Smith, Ohio State 5’8-1/2″%^$2. Alissa Anderson, Nevada-Reno 5’6-1/2″%^$3. Jennifer Lee, UC Davis 5’4-1/2″%^$8. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio State 5’2-1/2″%^$

%^$Women’s Pole Vault%^$1. Shannon Pierson, Unattached 13’1-1/2″%^$2. Jennifer Ashcroft, Nevada-Reno 12’7-1/2″%^$3. Jennifer Sanson, UC Davis 12’7-1/2″%^$10. Rachel Zukowski, Ohio State 10’2″%^$

%^$Men’s Results%^$Men’s 200-Meter Dash%^$1. Alvin Harrison, Unattached 21.04%^$2. Corey Nelson, Unattached 21.35%^$3. Kazuhiko Takashasi, Japan 21.35%^$7. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 21.75%^$

%^$Men’s 400-Meter Dash%^$1. James Davis, Unattached 45.41%^$2. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 45.58%^$3. Corey Nelson, Unattached 46.69%^$

%^$Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Tom McGuirk, Unattached 51.37%^$2. Ahmad Wright, California 51.54%^$3. Courtney Cornwall, Ohio State 52.07%^$8. Joel Brown, Ohio State 54.54%^$

%^$Men’s 800-Meter Dash%^$1. Ray Ardill, Boise State 1:51.30%^$2. Rob Myers, Ohio State 1:51.30%^$3. Temo Trujillo, UC Davis 1:52.47%^$7. Ian Connor, Ohio State 1:54.78%^$

%^$Men’s 1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Bolota Asmerrom, California 3:48.38%^$2. Ian Connor, Ohio State 3:49.46%^$3. Rob Myers, Ohio State 3:49.69%^$

%^$Men’s 4×100-Meter Relay%^$1. Thailand 39.85%^$2. Wake Forest 39.95%^$3. California 40.39%^$5.Ohio State 41.36%^$

%^$Men’s 4×400-Meter Relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:06:63%^$2. California 3:11.53%^$3. Boise State 3:15.45%^$

%^$Results from Youngstown State Invitational%^$

%^$Women’s Results%^$Women’s 200-Meter Dash%^$1. Suzanne Thompson, Youngstown 26.60%^$1. Janae Stephens, Youngstown 26.60%^$3. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio State 27.10%^$

%^$Women’s 400-Meter Dash%^$1. Janae Stephens, Youngstown 59.00%^$2. Jen Rizer, Youngstown 59.50%^$3. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio State 59.80%^$4. Jamaica Wright, Ohio State 1:10.50%^$

%^$Women’s 800-Meter Dash%^$1. Racheal Albert, Youngstown 2:31.40%^$2. Melissa Klobchar, Youngstown 2:31.50%^$3. Annabelle Hunt, Youngstown 2:33.40%^$7. Alicia Hill, Ohio State 2:49.80%^$

%^$Women’s 1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Andrea Cohol, Youngstown 4:53.00%^$2. Erica Kessler, Ohio State 4:58.00%^$3. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 5:11.00%^$

%^$Women’s 3,000-Meter Run%^$1. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 10:43.00%^$2. Karyn Kelly, Ohio State 10:46.00%^$3. Annabelle Hunt, Youngstown 11:07.00%^$

%^$Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Stephanie Bergman, Ohio State 18.60%^$2. Marcy Reinbolt, Youngstown 20.60%^$

%^$Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Molly Logan, Ohio State 1:07.60%^$2. Kim Hansel, Youngstown 1:12.10%^$3. Stephanie Bergman, Ohio State 1:13.50%^$4. Jamaica Wright, Ohio State 1:20.00%^$

%^$Women’s High Jump%^$1. Dathy Carlin, Ohio State 5’4-1/2″%^$2. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 5’4″%^$3. Jessica Wran, Youngstown 5’3″%^$

%^$Women’s Long Jump%^$1. Amy Wilson, Youngstown 4.50%^$2. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 4.25%^$

%^$Women’s Shot Put%^$1. Adraine Blewitt, Ashland 43’4-1/2″%^$2. Stephanie Curry, Ashland 40’3-1/2″%^$3. Jackie Jeschelnig, Ashland 40’1-1/2″%^$6. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 37’3″%^$

%^$Women’s Hammer Throw%^$1. Jackie Jeschelnig, Ashland 179’00″%^$2. Katy Craig, Ohio State 162’6″%^$3. Beth Weyer, Kent 155’8″%^$

%^$Women’s Javelin Throw%^$1. Keeley Hancox, Ohio State 123’6″%^$2. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 107’4″%^$3. Monica Poncel, Ashland 87’00″%^$

%^$Men’s Resutlts%^$Men’s 100-Meter Dash%^$1. Kofi Owusu-Ansah, Youngstown 11.00%^$2. Eugene Harris, Youngstown 11.10%^$3. Edison Francis, Ohio State 11.20%^$4. Robert Dover, Ohio State 11.30%^$

%^$Men’s 200-Meter Dash%^$1. Kofi Owusu-Ansah, Youngstown 22.90%^$2. Edison Francis, Ohio State 23.00%^$3. Robert Dover, Ohio State 23.10%^$

%^$Men’s 800-Meter Dash%^$1. Marcus Harris, Ohio State 1:57.90%^$2. Andy Helme, Kent State 1:58.20%^$3. Chad Hermiller, Ohio State 1:59.20%^$4. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 1:59.50%^$

%^$Men’s 1,500-Meter Dash%^$1. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 4:07.00%^$2. Dan DJ Brown, Youngstown 4:13.20%^$3. John Puray, Ohio State 4:13.30%^$4. John Pacak, Ohio State 4:14.00%^$

%^$Men’s 5,000-Meter Run%^$1. Pat Keller, Ohio State 15:37.00%^$2. Derrick Butler, Ohio State 15:38.00%^$3. Will Edwards, Youngstown 15:49.00%^$

%^$Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Andy McKissick, Westminster 19.00%^$2. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 19.20%^$

%^$Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase%^$1. Tim Budic, Baldwin Wallace 9:48.00%^$2. J.J. O’Rielly, Ohio State 9:54.00%^$3. Josh Folger, Ohio State 10:04.00%^$5. Rick Slawinski, Ohio State 10:13.00%^$6. Tony Sacco, Ohio State 10:21.25%^$


%^$Men’s High Jump%^$1. Jeff Cerveny, Ohio State 6’2″%^$2. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 5’6″%^$3. Corey Johnson, Ohio State 5’4″%^$

%^$Men’s Long Jump%^$1. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 6.00%^$2. Corey Johnson, Ohio State 5.75%^$

%^$Men’s Discus Throw%^$1. Nathan Fanger, Kent State 184’4″%^$2. TJ Konoiwsky, Ashland 182’4″%^$3. Chris Adams, Kent State 165’7″%^$4. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 152’3″%^$7. John Norman, Ohio State 135’3″%^$9. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 130’1″%^$

%^$Men’s Javelin Throw%^$1. George Hoover, Ohio State 210’7″%^$2. John Sherman, Westminster 150’5″%^$3. Justin Gates, Kent State 143’8″%^$4. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 124’5″%^$