Jan. 13, 2001

%^$COLUMBUS, Ohio– Members of the Ohio State track and field teams competed at the New York Invitational Saturday at the Armory Track and Field Center in New York, N.Y. The field event athletes represented Ohio State well with dominating performances. The women’s squad earned five Top 5 finishes in seven events while the men’s team earned six Top 5 finishes in seven events.%^$

%^$Katy Craig ( Jr., Hilliard, Ohio/Hilliard Davidson) captured first in the weight throw with a mark of 19.25 meters. Alexis McCall ( Fr., Elyria, Ohio/ Elyria) posted a first-place finish in the shot put (14.50m). Teammate Erin Carter (So., Logan, Ohio/Logan) followed with a mark of 14.49m to place second. Tami Smith ( So., Galloway, Ohio/Westland) won the women’s high jump with a mark of 5 feet .%^$

%^$Other top performers for the Buckeyes were Donica Merriman (Sr., Trotwood, Ohio/Trotwood-Madison), Andrew Pierce (Sr., Yellow Springs, Ohio/Yellow Springs) Rob Myers ( Jr., Rushville, Ohio/Fairfield Ohio) and Ian Connor (Sr., Lexington, Ohio/Northmoor Local). Merriman coasted to a first-place finish in the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 8.46. Pierce posted a time of 46.84 to capture first-place in the 400-meter dash. Myers won the 800meter run with a time of 1:52.55 while Connor placed first in the 3,000 meter run (8:17.95)%^$

%^$There was no record of team scores for the meet.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will travel to Bloomington,Ind. for the Indiana Invitational Saturday Jan.20.%^$

%^$Ohio State Track and Field Invitational Results
%^$Saturday, January 13, 2001


Women’s Results%^$60-meter dash%^$1. Mikele, Barber,South Carolina 7.45%^$2. Me’Lisa, South Carolina 7.50%^$3. Barrow,Rasheca, East Carolina 7.63%^$

%^$200-meter dash%^$1. Demetria Washington, South Carolina 23.80%^$2. Milele, Barber, South Carolina 23.97%^$3. Me’Lisa Barber,South Carolina 24.23%^$

%^$400-meter%^$1. Demetria,Washington 53.13%^$2. Sheneka Griffin 55.46%^$3.Tacita Bass 55.73%^$

%^$800 meter run%^$1. Florencia Hunt, St.Augustine College 2:11%^$2. Liz Morse,Princeton 2:12.15%^$3. Dinah Brown, South Carolina 2:12.36%^$

%^$1-mile run%^$1. Kay Livick 5:06.60%^$2. Catherine Casey,Princeton 5:07.95%^$3. Kristen Cirasi , Manhattan College 5:09.04%^$

%^$3,000-meter run%^$1. Christine kane, St, Joeseph’s 9:59.13%^$2. Emily Kroshus, Princeton 10:02.55%^$3. Lauren, Harrison, Columbia 10:20.10%^$

%^$60-meter hurdles%^$1. Donica Merriman, OSU 8.46%^$2. Jacqueline Masison, South Carolina 8.61%^$3. Kia Davis,St Augustine 8.63%^$4. Molly Logan,OSU 8.68%^$

%^$4×400 meter relay%^$1. South Carolina 3:42.02%^$2. St Augustine 3:47.42%^$3. St. John’s 3:47.97%^$4. Ohio State 3:52.49%^$

%^$200-meter dash%^$1. Demetria Washington, South Carolina 23.80%^$2. Tieshise Shell, St.John’s 25.03%^$3. Sheneka Griffin ,South Carolina 25.10%^$10.Molly Logan,OSU 26.03%^$

%^$400-meter%^$1. Kinoa Kirpatrick,East Carolina 57.07%^$2. Tiffany Barnes, St.John’s 57.09%^$3. Shontel Powell, South Carolina 57.61%^$6. Molly Logan, OSU 58.96%^$

%^$long Jump%^$1. Nicole Pryor, St. Augustine 17’06.25%^$2. Toshima Dabbs,East Carolina 19’04%^$3. Lindsay Taylor,Brown 19’00%^$8. Desiree Jones, OSU 17’02%^$9. Nicholette Chamber OSU 17’00%^$

%^$High Jump%^$1. Lindsay Taylor, Brown University 5’08%^$2. Tami Smith, OSU 5’08%^$3. McGinn Colleen, East Carolina 5’06%^$

%^$Shot Put%^$1. Alexsis McCall, OSU 14.50m%^$2. Erin Carter,OSU 14.49m%^$3. Keppler Lynett, South Carolina 14.35%^$

%^$Weight Throw%^$1. Katy Craig, OSU 19.25%^$2. Sheba George, St. John’s 17.53%^$3. Mamee Groves, South Carolina 16.38%^$

%^$Men’s results%^$200-meter dash%^$1. Josephus Howard, South Carolina 21.10%^$2. David Marquis, St.Augustine 21.23%^$3. Gerald Pressley, South Carolina 21.70%^$6. Andrew Pierce,OSU 22.07%^$

%^$400-meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce OSU 46.84%^$2. Orville Taylor,New York Tech 47.28%^$3. Gerald Pressley,South Carolina 47.62%^$

%^$800-meter%^$1. Rob Myers, OSU 1:52.55%^$2. Otukile,Lekote,South Carolina 1:52.58%^$3. Daniel Norberg, Oklahoma state 1:53.21%^$

%^$1-mile run%^$1. Clay Schwabe Army 4:05.16%^$2. Tensai Asfaw, Princeton 4:09.96%^$3. Ian Connor, OSU 4:11.35%^$10.J.J O’Rielly OSU 4:24.33%^$

%^$3,000 meter run%^$1. Ian Connor, OSU 8:17.95%^$2. Steve Sundell, Columbia 8:18.72%^$3. J.J 0’Rielly, OSU 8:23.90%^$

%^$60-meter hurdles%^$1. Corey Taylor, South Carolina 8.11%^$2. Ryan Grear,OSU 8.13%^$3. Joel Brown, OSU 8.20%^$

%^$4x400meter relay%^$1. Ohio state 3:10.40%^$2. South Carolina 3:12.31%^$3. New York Tech 3:12.31%^$

%^$High Jump%^$1. Brad Hart OSU 6’09.00%^$2. Jeff Cerveny 6’09.00%^$3. Ryan Davis 6’09.00%^$

%^$Pole Vault%^$1. Chris Steddum South Carolina 17′.00.75%^$2. Jonathon Jessup, Princeton 16’08.75%^$3. Brad Bowery Brown University 15’09.00%^$4. Cory Johnson OSU 15.’09.00%^$7. Jeremiah Johnson OSU 14’09.00%^$

%^$Long Jump%^$1. Maurice English, St. Augustine 7.46m%^$2. Dane Magilore, St. Augustine 7.30m%^$3. Brad Johnson Tyrone, NY Tech 7.30m%^$5. Billy Mills, OSU 6.89m%^$8. Nosa Ehimwenman, OSU 6.79m%^$

%^$Triple Jump%^$1. Rusan Timothy, St. Augustine 16.16m%^$2. Lloyd Brown, N.Y. Tech 15.48m%^$3. Dane Magliore, St Augustine 15.46m%^$5. Nosa Ehimwenman, OSU 15.06m%^$9. Billy Mills, OSU 13.56m%^$

%^$Shot Put%^$1. Carley Rocky, Princeton 1678m%^$2. John Ruch,Army 16.43%^$3. Scott Denbo,Princeton 16.27m%^$4. Dan Taylor,OSU 16.01m%^$9. BillY Mills OSU 13.56m%^$

%^$Weight Throw%^$1. Josh McCaughey, Princeton 19.48m%^$2. Jacob, Freeman, Manhattan 18.46m%^$3. Rusty Azbell, OSU 17.62m%^$4. Jeff Matcha,OSU 17.44m%^$6. Justin Cavinee OSU 16.90m%^$7. Andrew SaurerOSU 16.89m%^$10.Dan Taylor OSU 15.89m