April 22, 2000

COLUMBUS, Ohio – %^$The Ohio State Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams hosted Michigan and Seton Hall in the 2000 United States Track Coaches Association Collegiate Series today at the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. Ohio State’s men earned 174 points and the women 150 to lead both to victory over the Wolverines and Pirates.%^$

%^$The entire team contributed to today’s wins resulting in 22 first-place finishes and seven 11 second-place finishes.%^$

%^$”I was very impressed with our teams’ efforts today,” head coach Russ Rogers said. “Even though the weather was very cold, everyone remained positive and I am very proud of them. Today was a difficult meet because it was our second scored meet in a row and this puts a lot of pressure on our stronger athletes because they have to compete in more events.”%^$

%^$ Some of today’s first-place finishers included Dominque Calloway (Sr., Auroa, Colo./Denver South) in the 100-meter hurdles (13.07) and the 400-meter hurdles (59.30), Donica Merriman (Jr. Trotwood, Ohio/Trotwood-Madison)in the 100-meter dash (11.8), Katy Craig (So. Hilliard, Ohio/ Hilliard Davidson) in the hammer throw (52.28m) and the discus (45.64m), Keeley Hancox (So., Franklin, Pa./Franklin)in the Javelin (129’11”), Mandy Osmond (Fr., Guelph, Ontario/ St. James) in the 1,500-meter run (4:32) and Rachel Zukowski (Fr., Rockford, Mich./Catholic Central) in the pole vault (11’5-1/4″).%^$

%^$ For the men, first-place finishers included Andrew Pierce (Jr., Yellow Springs, Ohio/Yellow Springs) in the 400-meter dash (46.9) and in the 200-meter dash (21.3), Jeff Cerveny (Fr., Wadsworth, Ohio/ Wadsworth) in the triple jump (12.77m) and the high jump (6’4″) and George Hoover (Fr., Erie, Pa./Cathedral Prep) in the javelin, breaking the school record for the third week in a row with a distance of 218′.%^$

%^$The distance runners earned a large portion of the men’s points by winning all of the distance events. In the 3,000-meter steeplechase, J.J. O’Rielly (So., Dover, Ohio/Tuscarawas Central Catholic) placed first with a time of 9:32.62 and Rob Myers (Fr., Rushville, Ohio/ Fairfield Union) placed first in the 800-meter run. David Gonzalez (Sr., Bolingbrook, Ill./Boilingbrook) had a strong day as he won the 5,000-meter run (14:47.42) and placed second in the 1,500-meter run (3:54.8) behind Buckeye Ian Connor (Jr., Lexington, Ohio/ Northmor Local) who crossed the finish line first with the time of 3:49.8.%^$

%^$ Next week the Buckeyes travel to Philadelphia, Pa. for the Penn Relays on April 27-29.%^$

%^$Results from the 2000 USTCA Collegiate Series%^$

%^$Team Finals
%^$1. Ohio State 174%^$2. Michigan 138%^$3. Seton Hall 61%^$

%^$Women’s%^$1. Ohio State 150%^$2. Michigan 144%^$3. Seton Hall 83%^$

%^$Women’s 400-Meter Dash%^$1. Heather Smith, Seton Hall 55.56%^$2. Carly Knazze, Michigan 55.63%^$3. Teneka Horton, Seton Hall 57.08%^$4. Regine Caruthers, Michigan 57.11%^$5. Tina Johnson, Ohio State 57.70%^$6. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio St. 59.42%^$

%^$Women’s Long Jump%^$1. Nolle Graham, Seton Hall 6.22%^$2. Brandi Bentley, Seton Hall 6.19WR1.7%^$3. Tina Johnson, Ohio State 5.90WR3.4%^$4. Tanisha Williams, Michigan 5.80WR1.6%^$5. Tasha Phillips, Michigan 5.69WR2.2%^$6. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio St. 5.59WR1.6%^$7. Nkechi Okwumbua, Michigan 5.38WR1.3%^$8. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 4.61%^$

%^$Women’s Javelin Throw%^$1. Keeley Hancox, Ohio State 129’11″%^$2. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 108’4″%^$3. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio St. 108’2″%^$4. Erin Massengale, Michigan 92’3″%^$5. Nicole Denamur, Mighigan 77’8″%^$

%^$Women’s 5,000-Meter Run%^$1. Ruth Chege, Seton Hall 17:25%^$2. Julie Froud, Michigan 17:27%^$3. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 17:54%^$4. Jeanne Spink, Michigan 18:21%^$5. Courtney McClain, Ohio State 18:55%^$

%^$Men’s 100-Meter Dash%^$1. Ike Okenwa, Michigan 10.66%^$2. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 10.68%^$3. Edison Francis, Ohio State 10.91%^$4. Steve Jenkins, Michigan 10.98%^$5. Steve Molnar, Michigan 11.01%^$6. Rob Dover, Ohio State 11.17%^$7. Charlz Hester, Seton Hall 11.20%^$8. Brad Haudan, Michigan 11.25%^$9. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 11.82%^$

%^$Men’s Triple Jump%^$1. Jeff Cerveny, Ohio State 12.77WR0.5%^$2. Bob Arnold, Michigan 12.27WR0.9%^$3. Ryan Stevenson, Michigan 12.22WR0.3%^$4. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 11.28WR0.5%^$

%^$Men’s High Jump%^$1. Jeff Cerveny, Ohio State 6’4″%^$2. Robert Arnold, Michigan 6’4″%^$3. Ryan Stevenson, Michigan 5’8″%^$4. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 5’6″%^$


%^$Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles%^$1. James Daranji, Seton Hall 52.46%^$2. Josh Sellers, Michigan 53.02%^$3. Derek Appleshite, Michigan 53.31%^$4. Derwin Jones, Seton Hall 53.53%^$5. Courtney Cornwall, Ohio State56.09%^$6. Joel Brown, Ohio State 56.89%^$

%^$Men’s 400-Meter Dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 46.9%^$2. Ken Nelson, Seton Hall 47.4%^$3. Thomas Dickson, Ohio State 47.8%^$4. Anthony Wishart, Michigan 48.3%^$5. Ravi Smith, Michigan 48.5%^$6. Martrek Wingo, Seton Hall 49.6%^$7. Kevin Lamb, Michigan 49.9%^$8. Kambon Sampson, Ohio State 50.3%^$9. Kareem Taylor, Seton Hall 51.2%^$

%^$Women’s 800-Meter Dash%^$1. Erica Murdock, Michigan 2:14.15%^$2. Sarah Hamilton, Michigan 2:14.81%^$3. Jarita Dill, Seton Hall 2:14.92%^$4. Mandy Osmond, Ohio State 2:16.13%^$5. Ursula Taylor, Michigan 2:18.46%^$6. Leah Grant, Seton Hall 2:23.97%^$7. Nicole Johnson, Michigan 2:24.56%^$8. Erica Kessler, Ohio State 2:27.69%^$

%^$Women’s Triple Jump%^$1. Tasha Phillips, Michigan 11.71WR2.8%^$2. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio St. 11.47WR1.8%^$3. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 9.69WR1.0%^$

%^$Women’s 100-Meter Low Hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 13.07%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 13.11%^$3. Natasha Clary, Seton Hall 13.79%^$4. Molly Logan, Ohio State 14.13%^$5. Lanyka Brown, Seton Hall 14.14%^$6. Tasha Phillips, Michigan 14.36%^$7. Bridgett Ingram, Seton Hall 14.37%^$8. Ashlie Wilson, Michigan 14.58%^$9. Nicholette Chambers, Ohio St. 14.59%^$10. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 14.66%^$11. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 14.72%^$12. Tanisha Williams, Michigan 15.15%^$13. Dierra Poland, Seton Hall 15.65%^$14. Stephanie Bergman, Ohio St. 15.79%^$

%^$Women’s 400-Meter Low Hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio St. 59.30%^$2. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 60.32%^$3. Molly Logan, Ohio State 65.23%^$4. Tamika Craig, Michigan 66.50%^$5. Stephanie Bergman, Ohio St. 69.70%^$6. Natasha Clary, Seton Hall 70.07%^$7. Ashlie Wilson, Michigan 71.88%^$8. Jamaica Wright, Ohio State 74.90%^$9. Tulani Marcus, Ohio State 79.17%^$

%^$Men’s 800-Meter Run%^$1. Rob Myers, Ohio State 1:52.07%^$2. Marcel Burke, Seton Hall 1:52.14%^$3. Ned Brooks, Seton Hall 1:52.87%^$4. Sheldon Melbourne, Seton Hall 1:53.72%^$5. Ian Connor, Ohio State 1:55.02%^$6. Dan Snyder, Michigan 1:56.41%^$7. Brian Ely, Ohio State 1:57.02%^$8.%^$9. Phil Stead, Michigan 1:57.99%^$10. Marcus Harris, Ohio State 1:58.52%^$11. Greg Willis, Ohio State 1:58.56%^$12. Jay Cantin, Michigan 2:01.16%^$13. John Butsch, 2:20.3%^$

%^$Women’s 200-Meter Dash%^$1. Nolle Graham, Seton Hall 24.78%^$2. Maria Brown, Michigan 24.84%^$3. Tysha Crinchlow, Seton Hall 26.03%^$4. ShonteeBryant, Seton Hall 26.37%^$5. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio St. 26.86%^$6. Brandi Bentley, Michigan 27.78%^$

%^$Women’s Pole Vault%^$1. Rachel Zukowski, Ohio State 11’5-1/4″%^$2. Candice Mulings, Michigan 10’5-1/4″%^$3. Anna Fisher, Michigan 10’5-1/4″%^$4. Tiffany Sylvertooth, Michigan 9’11-3/4″%^$5. Alicia Hill, Ohio State 8’11-3/4″%^$

%^$Women’s 1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Mandy Osmond, Ohio State 4:32%^$2. Sarah Hamilton, Michigan 4:39.60%^$3. Marisha Defrees, Unattached 4:40.76%^$4. Rachel Sturtz , Michigan 4:44.90%^$5. Erica Kessler, Ohio State 4:48.03%^$6. Modeyah Ford, Seton Hall 4:48.16%^$7. Melanee Schurine, Michigan 4:52.44%^$8. M. Donaldson, Seton Hall 4:55.02%^$9. Katie Stevens, Ohio State 5:02.18%^$

%^$Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles%^$1. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 14.49%^$2. Joel Brown, Ohio State 14.64%^$3. Jeff Young, Seton Hall 14.78%^$4. Derek Applewhite, Michigan 15.12%^$5. Ryan Stevenson, Michigan 16.71%^$6. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 16.90%^$7. Edison Francis, Ohio State 22.30%^$8. Rob Dover, Ohio State 22.87%^$9. Ravi Smith, Michigan 22.91%^$10. Brad Haudan, Michigan 23.03%^$

%^$Men’s Shot Put%^$1. Nick Rogers, Michigan 16.20%^$2. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 14.75%^$3. Jason Hoyner, Michigan 14.41%^$4. Aaron Biloecky, Ohio State 14.39%^$5. Jon Lageman, Ohio State 13.36%^$

%^$Women’s 3,000-Meter Run%^$1. Erin White, Michigan 10:14.7%^$2. Katie Easton, Michigan 10:35.6%^$3. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 10:52.6%^$4. Sandy Fox, Ohio State 11:16.2%^$

%^$Women’s Shot Put%^$1. Jana Burton, Seton Hall 14.39%^$2. April Phillips, Michigan 13.47%^$3. Erin Carter, Ohio State 13.13%^$4. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 12.97%^$5. Erin Massengale, Michigan 12.48%^$6. Katy Craig, Ohio State 11.83%^$

%^$Women’s Discus Throw%^$1. Katy Craig, Ohio State 45.64%^$2. Erin Massengale, Michigan 40.74%^$3. Erin Carter, Ohio State 39.48%^$4. Jana Burton, Seton Hall 36.08%^$5. April Phillips, Michigan 34.40%^$6. Julie Presley, Michigan 34.24%^$

%^$Men’s Discus Throw%^$1. Nick Rogers, Michigan 48.42%^$2. Pat Johansson, Michigan 47.70%^$3. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 45.82%^$4. Jon Norman, Ohio State 45.00%^$5. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 42.62%^$6. Aaron Bilovecky, Ohio State 41.32%^$7. Jason Hoyner, Michigan 35.30%^$

%^$Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase%^$1. J.J. O’Rielly, Ohio State 9:32.62%^$2. Tony Sacco, Ohio State 9:48.98%^$3. Josh Folger, Ohio State 9:52.92%^$4. Luis Duarte, Seton Hall 9:56.29%^$5. Rick Slawinski, Ohio State 10:04.35%^$6. Scott Bessette, Seton Hall 10:27.70%^$

%^$Men’s Javelin Throw%^$1. George Hoover, Ohio State 218’%^$2. Rbert Derr, Michigan 199’6″%^$3. Dan Hagananimi, Seton Hall 172’11″%^$4. Ryan Stevenson, Michigan 155’5″%^$5. Paul Tencher, Seton Hall 145’8″%^$6. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 133’4″%^$

%^$Women’s High Jump%^$1. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 5’4″%^$2. Tami Smith, Ohio State 5’4″%^$3. Nicole Danamur, Michigan 5’4%^$4. Dierra Poland, Seton Hall 5’2″%^$5. Tanisha Williams, Michigan 5’2%^$

%^$Women’s 4×100-Meter Relay%^$1. Ohio State 45.7%^$2. Seton Hall 46.9%^$3. Michigan 47.6%^$

%^$Women’s Hammer Throw%^$1. Katy Craig, Ohio State 52.28%^$2. Julie Presley, Michigan 45.14%^$3. April Phillips, Michigan 44.00%^$4. Jana Burton, Seton Hall 41.86%^$5. Erin Carter, Ohio State 40.56%^$

%^$Men’s Pole Vault%^$1. Charles Dewildt, Michigan 16’4-3/4″%^$2. Corey Johnson, Ohio State 15’11″%^$3. Brent Sheffer, Michigan 15’11″%^$4. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 13’5-1/4″%^$5. Nick Smith, Ohio State 12’11-1/2″%^$

%^$Men’s Long Jump%^$1. Ryan Stevenson, Michitgan 21’11-1/2″%^$2. Jeff Cerveny, Ohio State 21’11-1/2″%^$3. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 20’1-1/2″%^$

%^$Men’s Hammer Throw%^$1. Patrick Johansson, Michigan 186’%^$2. Jon Lageman, Ohio State 176’8″%^$3. Rusty Azbell, Ohio State 167’10″%^$4. Andrew Saurer, Ohio State 157’9″%^$5. Jon Norman, Ohio State 139’11″%^$

%^$Men’s 4×400-Meter Relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:13.55%^$2. Seton Hall 3:17.59%^$3. Michigan 3:19.75%^$4. Seaton Hall “B” 3:29.16%^$5. Ohio State “B” 3:23.43%^$6. Michigan “B” 3:29.16%^$

%^$Women’s 100-Meter Dash%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 11.8%^$2. Nolle Graham, Seton Hall 11.80%^$3. Maria Brown, Michigan 11.90%^$4. Lanyka Brown, Seton Hall 11.92%^$5. Tysha Crinchlow, Seton Hall 12.33%^$6. Brandi Bentley, Michigan 12.62%^$7. Molly Logan, Ohio State 12.80%^$

%^$Women’s 4×400-Meter Relay%^$1. Seton Hall 3:46.13%^$2. Ohio State 3:49.25%^$3. Michigan 3:57.63%^$4. Seton Hall “B” 3:59.23%^$

%^$Men’s 5,000-Meter Run%^$1. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 14:47.42%^$2. Derek Butler, Ohio State 14:54.62%^$3. Mark Pilsa, Michigan 15:07.64%^$4. Steve Lawrence, Michigan 15:15.09%^$5. Carl Planty, Setn Hall 15:17.70%^$6. Dave Cook, Michigan 15:40.66%^$7. James McGovern, Seton Hall 15:43.68%^$8. David McGoern, Seton Hall 15:59.04%^$9. John Poray, Ohio State 16:46.14%^$

%^$Men’s 4×100-Meter Relay%^$1. Ohio State 40.88%^$2. Michigan 41.17%^$3. Seton Hall 42.76%^$

%^$Men’s 1,500-Meter Run%^$1. Ian Connor, Ohio State 3:49.8%^$2. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 3:54.8%^$3. Dave Cook, Michigan 3:59.5%^$4. Tom Caughlan, Michigan 4:02.0%^$5. Ned Brooks, Seton Hall 4:05.3%^$6. Jay Cantin, Michigan 4:07.8%^$7. John Pacak, Ohio State 4:11.5%^$8. John Butsic, Michigan 4:28.3%^$9. John Poray, Ohio State 4:31.9%^$10. Dan Lee, Seton Hall No Time%^$

%^$Men’s 200-Meter Dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 21.3%^$2. Ken Nelson, Seton Hall 22.06%^$3. Ike Okenwa, Michigan 22.24%^$4. Edison Francis, Ohio State 22.30%^$5. Steve Molnar, Michigan 22.61%^$6. Kambon Sampson, Ohio State 22.73%^$7. Rob Dover, Ohio State 22.87%^$8. Ravi Smith, Michigan 22.91%^$9. Brad Haudan, Michigan 23.03