Jan. 7, 2001

%^$COLUMBUS, Ohio-The Ohio State men and women’s track and field teams opened the indoor season with promising performances in the Ohio State Invitational today. Katy Craig (Jr., Hilliard, Ohio/Hilliard Davidson) captured a first-place finish in the weight throw, (19:59) qualifying her for the 2001 NCAA Championship. Erin Carter(So.,Logan,Ohio/Logan) and Alexis McCall ( Fr., Elyria,Ohio/Elyria)qualified for the NCAA provisonals in the shot put. Carter posted a mark of 15.15m while McCall captured a mark of 14 .92m%^$

%^$Donica Merriman (Sr., Tortwood, Ohio/ Trotwood-Madison) coasted to victories in the 60-meter dash (7:48) 60-meter hurdles (8:32) and the 200-meter ( 24:90). Both Andrew Pierce (Sr., Yellow Springs, Ohio/ Yellow Springs) and Joel Brown (So., Baltimore, Md./ Woodlawn) had strong performances for the men’s squad. Pierce posted a first-place finish in the 400-meter dash (47:84) following his performance with a win in the 200-meter (22:01) He also anchored the win by the 4×400 relay team. Brown placed second in the 200-meter dash (22:03) and won the 60-meter hurdles (8:19)%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will travel New York City for the New York Invitational on Jan 13.%^$

%^$Ohio State Track and Field Invitational Results
%^$Saturday, January 06, 2001

%^$Event Winners

Men’s Mile%^$1. Rob Myers, OSU 4:15.04%^$2. Nicki Peters, Coppin State 4:15.04%^$3. Horace Steele, Morehouse 4:23.53%^$

%^$Men’s 400 meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, OSU 47.84%^$2. C. Cornwall, OSU 49.25%^$3. Greg Benefield, KSU 51:35%^$

%^$Men’s 800 meter%^$1. Horace Steele, Morehouse 1:57.13%^$2. John Pacak, Ohio State 1:59.69%^$3. Nate Hutchington, OSU 1:59.89%^$

%^$Men’s 60 Meter High Hurdles%^$1. Joel Brown, OSU 8.19%^$2. Ryan Grear, OSU 8.21%^$3. Ennis Williams, OSU 8.41%^$

%^$Men’s Weight Throw%^$1. Andrew Saurer, OSU 17.17m%^$2. Rusty Azbell, OSU 17.01m%^$3. Dan Taylor, OSU 16.65m%^$

%^$1. Rob Myers, OSU 4:15.04%^$2. Nicki Peters, Coppin State 4:15.04%^$3. Horace Steele, Morehouse 4:23.53%^$

%^$Women’s 400 Meter Dash%^$1. M. Clarke, Central State 58.30%^$2. Onica Fraser, OSU 58.78%^$3. Molly Logan, OSU 59.29%^$

%^$Women’s 60 Meter Dash%^$1. C. Colins, Morgan St. 8.26%^$2. X. Williams, Morgan St 8.46%^$3. Amy McCoy, Rio Grande 8.50%^$

%^$Women’s 800 Meter Run%^$1. Brooke Peterson, OSU 2:22.95%^$2. S. Stephens, Morgan St. 2:24.09%^$3. Najah Mujhid, Morgan St. 2:24.13%^$

%^$Women’s 60 Meter Low Hurdles%^$1. Donica Merriman, OSU 8.32%^$2. Molly Logan, OSU 8.76%^$3. Dalanda Jackson, OSU 8.82%^$

%^$Women’s 200 Meter Dash%^$1. Donica Merriman, OSU 24.90%^$2. D. Page, Morgan St. 25.59%^$3. Onica Fraser, OSU 25.90%^$

%^$Women’s Weight Throw%^$1. Katy Craig, OSU 19.59m%^$2. Alexis McCall, OSU 15.87m%^$3. Erin Carter, OSU 14.88m%^$

%^$Women’s Pole Vault%^$1. Becky Heintz, OSU 2.90m%^$2. Molly Nease, OSU 2.45m%^$- Jules Sheridan, OSU NH%^$

%^$Women’s High Jump%^$1. Tami Smith, OSU 1.72m%^$2. S. Tanic, Morgan St. 1.62m%^$3. Nicole Brown, Coppin St. 1.62m%^$

%^$Women’s Shot Put%^$1. Erin Carter, OSU 15.15m%^$2. Alexis McCall, OSU 14.92m%^$3. Desiree Jones, OSU 13.06m%^$

%^$Men’s 200 Meter Dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, OSU 22.01%^$2. Joel Brown, OSU 22.23%^$3. Courtney Cornwall, OSU 22.36%^$

%^$Men’s 600 Meter Run%^$1. Nickie Peters, Coppin St. 1:40.00%^$2. W. Drummond, Coppin St. 1:40.00%^$3. Beryl Harris, Coppin St. 1:40.17%^$

%^$Women’s 3,000 Meter Run%^$1. Kati Stevens, OSU 10:36.68%^$2. Renee Berry, Coppin St. 11:37.98%^$3. Kenisha Miller, Coppin St. 11:51.82%^$

%^$Women’s 600 Meter Run%^$1. R. Crawford, OSU 1:38.44%^$2. Terris White, Coppin St. 1:39.93%^$3. Lindsey Brown, OSU 1:43.00%^$

%^$Men’s 4×400 Meter Relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:17.58%^$2. Coppin State 3:24.04%^$3. Morgan State 3:29.91%^$

%^$Women’s 4×400 Meter Relay%^$1. Morgan State 3:56.01%^$2. Ohio State 3:58.55%^$3. Morgan State “B” 4:06.73%^$

%^$Men’s 3,000 Meter Run%^$1. Ian Conner, OSU 8:48.%^$2. Joe Barnes, OSU 8:54.90%^$3. Derrick Butler, OSU 8:55.01%^$

%^$Women’s mile%^$Kati stevens OSU 5:18.05%^$Mandy Osmond OSU 5:24.54%^$Jennifer Ordway OSU 5:28.74%^$

%^$Men’s shot put%^$Dan Taylor OSU 17.31m%^$Jeff Matcha OSU 16.37m%^$Justin Cavines OSU 15.90m%^$

%^$Men’s Pole Vault%^$Seth MaCarter OSU 14’01%^$Rob Aldredge OSU 14’01%^$Jeremiah Johnson OSU 14’01%^$