July 15, 2014

Where a tweet goes, sometimes no one knows. However, when the context of that tweet involves honoring the ONLY two-time Heisman Trophy winner, one may find themselves circling a new holiday on their calendar each year.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013: the @Brutus_Buckeye account tweeted a message to Ohio Governor John Kasich proposing each year 45 days from the kickoff of Ohio State’s football season be recognized as Archie Griffin Day (#ArchieGriffinDay).

It was a proposition the governor could not refuse as Griffin, who wore No. 45 while becoming the then all-time leading rusher in the NCAA for Ohio State from 1972-75, would indeed have HIS day. Later that afternoon – in a rare state official-to-collegiate mascot exchange – a resolution was written and passed, declaring 45 days from kick off each year to certainly be ARCHIE GRIFFIN DAY.

Griffin, the CEO and president of the Ohio State alumni association since 2004, was honored upon being informed of his day.

“Probably Brutus would be the only one to propose something like that,” Griffin told local Columbus station WBNS-10TV during its newscast that evening. “I’m honored that he did. To be able to say 45 days out is Archie Griffin Day, that’s very nice.”

The recommendation – unofficial in nature and believed to be the first ever put forth by a mascot – requested each year Archie Griffin Day be recognized 45 days from that season’s first kickoff.

Upon learning he had initiated a special day in his home state for his all-time favorite Buckeye football player, Brutus – never a big talker – responded:

“Chest thump! Head bump! Hard clap! Point! Double thumbs up…,” while gesturing the No. 45 with his fingers.

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