August 15, 2022

⛺️Tight Ends Talk Fall Camp


Ohio State held Day 10 of fall training camp Monday and the Tight Ends met with media afterwards to discuss team progress.

Kevin Wilson, Tight Ends Coach

On the offense picking up where it left off 

“It’s always a fight to stay on point, on focus, and our players have picked up some of the ownership and leadership. We’re trying to stay humble and grounded. CJ can deliver and we got some great guys that can get open but it’s a total team deal.”

On Cade’s skill set

“He’s got good ball skills, he’s been very good underneath, had a great play the other day. He ran through a couple players like a bowling ball, smashed them up. Cade was voted captain and he’s one of the best leaders on our team and had a championship performance at the scrimmage. He’s going to have a great year.”

Cade Stover, Tight End

On playing next to Mitch Rossi:

“Mitch is tough, he’s a good ball player, and he’s been around for a while so he has a good IQ for the game.”

On his development coming into this season:

“I’m overall just faster. I move better than I used to and I play more confident, so I guess that probably attests that I know what I’m doing a little bit better.”


Mitch Rossi, Tight End

On carving out a role for himself:

“It’s a matter of having that one thing that I specialize in, but also having that whole playbook open when I’m in.”

On the fall scrimmage:

“We know what type of offense we were last year and we want to be more complete. As a whole offense, we have guys taking more leadership. Seeing them step up has been great too.”

Joe Royer, Tight End

On going from WR to TE

“With Jeremy (Ruckert) here my first two years, he talked about being on the same track as me and how we were the same build coming out of high school..We all saw the player he turned out to be. He helped me out a lot with that and I feel myself getting stronger and being able to move guys off the line like a true Tight End.”

On Cade as a leader

“He’s a high energy guy, brings it day in and day out. He’s always bringing energy, lifting guys up, and goes hard every single play. He has all the respect. He’s just a dude who works hard and everybody sees that and respects him.”

Sam Hart, Tight End

On Kevin Wilson’s offense:

“Our offense is strong at any position. We can do anything and we’ve got no limits. I think we’re gonna be really good this season and I’m super excited that I can be a part of it”

On his growth in his first year at OSU:

“I’m really starting to learn how to play fast and get up to that tempo of the college level. It’s good having the rest of the tight ends. They really help me get better each day.”

Bennett Christian, Tight End

On Mitch Rossi:

“He holds himself to a high standard. He plays extremely hard and is definitely a guy I want to model myself after. As an underclassmen, he’s kind of taken me under his wing and shown me what it is to work hard, so he’s a great example.”

On adjusting to the Tight End position:

“It’s such a developmental position. I think I’m not where I need to be yet and there’s a lot of uphill, so I’m just going to keep going and keep working hard to compete with the best guys in the country here.”

Gee Scott Jr, Tight End

On new training and his weight gain’s effect on run plays:

“I’m still getting used to it right now. This position that we’re playing is a journey, there’s a lot of jobs that you have to do.  It’s not something you develop overnight, so I’m still working at it right now and it’s going well.”