Will call is a location where one may pick up tickets purchased without sufficient time to mail or if an individual prefers to pick up their order. Will call orders may be picked up at the Jerome Schottenstein Center prior to the day of the event or starting 90 minutes prior to the start of the event.

In order to pick up your will call tickets, you will be required to present:

  • Your valid state or government issued photo ID, driver’s license or passport. A valid ID must be duly issued by a government agency and include a photo and a signature.
  • The credit card you used to purchase the tickets if necessary.

The Ohio State Ticket Office will not release tickets if the name on the ID and credit card does not match the name used to purchase the tickets, or if the photo on the ID does not appear to be the photo of the person retrieving the tickets. The original ticket holder may designate another individual to pick up their tickets by contacting us in writing prior to event day. Requests must be approved by the Ohio State Ticket Office.

Will call located in the Southeast corner of the Schottenstein Center is open M-F 8am until the end of the 2nd period and opens 90 minutes before face-off on home weekend game days:

  • Regular public ticket orders and sales

Will call located in the Northwest corner of the Schottenstein Center opens 90 minutes prior to face-off and remains open until the 1st intermission.

  • Regular public ticket orders and sales

Will call located in the Northwest corner of the Schottenstein Center next to the escalator that opens 90 minutes prior to face-off and remains open until the end of the 2nd intermission includes:

  • Ohio State players’ guests
  • Visiting team players’/coaches’ guests
  • Hockey and non-hockey recruits

Ohio State students can attend any regular season home hockey game in the Schottenstein Center for free by showing their valid Buck ID at the Southwest Rotunda as they enter the game. 502 seats in the lower bowl, sections 111 and 117 and 50 seats in 110, are set aside for OSU students on a game by game basis. Seating in these sections is general admission, first come first served. If these sections are full, students will be directed to the 300 level where all seating is general admission. Dependant BUCK ID’s are not valid for admittance to hockey. Students participating in the Preferred Pathway Program through CSCC are also admitted free of charge with a valid ID.

The doors to the main concourse will open 1 hour before game time. The OSU Ticket Office will be open 90 minutes before game time for will-call and tickets sales.

Free Public parking can be found at Bill Davis Stadium directly behind the Schottenstein Center. View a Men’s Ice Hockey Parking map. Disabled parking is available for those with state-issued handicap placards and is located adjacent to the Schottenstein Center and at Bill Davis Stadium. Overflow disabled parking is available at the Buckeye Lots off of Ackerman Road.

In the 100 (entry) level of the arena, permanent seating begins at row L on the sides. Permanent seating begins at row M on the ends/corners. Seats in the lower rows are temporary padded folding chairs

Please Note: Alcohol is note permitted in the seats in the areas listed on the Family Sections Map.

Row R in the Entry Level (100s) is the first row of seating above the glass. Protective netting is in place on the corners and behind the goals.

When seated in a section, seat 1 is always on the right.

The home bench is located in front of section 105 and the visiting bench is in front of 106. Penalty box faces corresponding team bench.

Season ticket holders and single game purchasers should request accessible seating by indicating your specific seating needs when purchasing tickets. Be sure to indicate whether you need seats that do not require climbing many steps or if you require wheelchair accessible seating. If you are in possession of tickets that are not accessible and you need accessible seating, please bring them to the Guest Services at the Schottenstein Center starting 1 hour prior to game-time on game day. Guest Services is located outside of section 121 on the main concourse at the Schottenstein Center. All seating is limited; accessible seating is made available on a first come first serve basis and we make every attempt to relocate guests to accessible seating in comparable locations to their original tickets.

Wheelchair accessible rows are as follows:
100 level (entry level)-Row S in sections 101, 105-106, 111, 117-121, 124-131, & 134
300 level (terrace level) — Row B in 304, 307, 314, 321, 324, & 331
Note: There are no wheelchair accessible seats in the 200 (Huntington Club) level of the arena.

Ohio State Department of Athletics cannot guarantee that any tickets purchased from a third party source are valid or that they will allow you entry into the stadium/arena. Tickets should always be purchased from an authorized ticket agent. The Ohio State Athletics Ticket Office, Ticketmaster, and the Ohio State Buckeyes Ticket Exchange are the only authorized sources for tickets to Ohio State events. Fans purchasing tickets from unauthorized sources (including StubHub, Vivid Seats, Craigslist, EBay, and ticket brokers) assume the risk that tickets purchased could be counterfeit or that the barcodes have been otherwise invalidated. Guests with invalid tickets will be denied entry to the venue and will have no recourse for reimbursement or other compensation.

Only Ticketmaster mobile-compatible tickets (generated by Ticketmaster and shown on a mobile device as a QR code, not a standard barcode) will be allowed to enter the venue via mobile device. All traditional print-at-home or PDF tickets MUST be printed and presented on paper for entry. As a service to our patrons, tickets purchased via unauthorized sources such as StubHub, Vivid Seats, eBay, Craigslist, ticket brokers, or other agents not authorized by Ohio State may be reprinted by the Ohio State Ticket Office in conjunction with a non-refundable $10-$20 per ticket fee. PLEASE NOTE: The ticket office is not responsible for validating tickets that were not purchased through an authorized source, and reprinting the ticket does not guarantee the validity of the ticket or entry into the venue. PROTECT YOURSELF- Only purchase tickets from authorized sources.

Unfortunately, all tickets purchased through the OSU Ticket Office are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for a future game.

Yes, you may lose your ticket privileges if you have engaged in conduct that is determined, by either OSU or the NCAA, to be in violation of any NCAA rule or if, in OSU’s reasonable discretion, you have otherwise taken any action that jeopardizes the eligibility of OSU’s programs or its student-athletes.

NHL Scouts may request a ticket for any regular season home game by emailing the Athletic Ticket Office with the following information; Name, team affiliation and game requested. All requests will be replied to confirming ticket availability within 24hrs of submission.

Tickets will be available for pickup starting one hour prior to the start of the game through the end of the second period at the pass table next to the escalator in the Northwest Rotunda of the Jerome Schottenstein Center.

After the game, you can go downstairs to the locker room area by showing your NHL ID at the elevator located by Section 101.

The away game allotments that we receive are usually minimal. We do not typically have an away game sale for our alumni or general public. We encourage you to contact the host school for any availability they may have.