May 19, 2019

Three Buckeye Boats Finish First, Team Second at 2019 Big Ten Championships



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2019 Big Ten Championship Central


BARABOO, Wisc. –  The Ohio State rowing team earned three boat titles and finished second overall with 171 total points at the 2019 Big Ten Championships Sunday on Devil’s Lake. The First Varsity Four, Third Varsity Four and Second Novice Eight each defended their conference titles, while the rest of the Buckeye crews all finished in the top three of their respective races.


The 1V4, comprised of Divya Batchu, Kendell Massier, Julia Miklasevich, Ally Hatton and Maddie Frendberg, was neck-and-neck with Michigan down the entire race course. In the last 250 meters, the Buckeyes managed to pull away and secure the conference title for the boat with a time of 7:17.351.

In a race that was decided in the last 10 strokes, the Buckeye 3V4 pulled ahead of the Wolverines in the last 15 meters and crossed the finish with a time of 7:27.837 for the first-place medal. The boat was comprised of Hellen Sudhoff, Olivia Kwiecinski, Lena Harper, Willow Wahlers and Kayla Kuntzman.

The 2N8 of Emma Walker, Jennie Hallsworth, Joan Moore, Josephine Robison, Tess Mitchell, Megan McNutt, Katelyn Bartos, Lena Bercz and Claire Olechiw established a lead early on and maintained it for the entirety of the race to record the team’s third first-place finish of the day.

In the first race of the day, the First Varsity Eight of Anjali Fernandes, Lexie Nothdurft, Grace Libben, Leonie Heuer, Ida Kruse, Jessy Vermeer, Alessandra Montesano, Sierra Tiede and Ida Petersen finished second with a time of 6:24.504 to finish second, two seconds behind Michigan.

The Second Varsity Eight of Sophie Blair, Mane Bravo Alvez, Sierra Cydrus, Meg Cymanski, Rachel DeWitte, Michaela Nordhaus, Maddie Perrett, Michayla Binkley and Claire Cannon followed with another second-place finish.  The boat finished behind the Wolverines with a time of 6:35.079.

The Second Varsity Four raced a time of 7:38.942 to earn a third-place finish. Manning the boat was Kelly Stainbrook, Rose Carr, Lilli Flinders, Kailley Boomer and Mo Robinson.

With a final time of 6:40.677, the First Novice Eight of Emma Beltz, Savannah Sellers, Jenna Draycott, Grace Pabst, Katie Reymann, Allie Strzelecki, Aryn Robinson, Adele Pohl and Kaitlyn Clouse recorded a second-place finish for Ohio State.


Five Buckeyes secured All-Conference honors. Alessandra Montesano and Lexie Nothdurft garnered First Team All-Big Ten recognition and Leonie Heuer and Ida Kruse picked up Second Team All-Big Ten recognition. Willow Wahlers is the Ohio State Sportsmanship Award honoree.


The NCAA Selection Show will air Tuesday, May 21st at 5:00 PM ET on as the Buckeyes seek an at-large bid to the 2019 championships. Teams race a first and second varsity eight and a varsity four.


  1. Michigan 186
  2. OHIO STATE 171
  3. Wisconsin 109
  4. Rutgers 107
  5. Indiana 98
  6. Iowa 78
  7. Michigan State 67
  8. Minnesota 46


Michigan 6:22.012

Ohio State 6:24.504

Iowa 6:26.614

Rutgers 6:28.472

Wisconsin 7:31.934

Michigan State 6:35.124

Indiana 6:36.894

Minnesota 6:36.914

Lineup: Fernandes, Nothdurft, Libben, Heuer, Kruse, Vermeer, Montesano, Tiede, Petersen



Michigan: 6:30.479

Ohio State: 6:35.079

Indiana: 6:39.971

Wisconsin: 6:42.287

Michigan State: 6:42.497

Rutgers: 6:43.569

Minnesota: 6:43.871 Iowa: 6:54.113

Lineup: Blair, Bravo Alvez, Cydrus, Cymanski, DeWitte, Nordhaus, Perrett, Binkley, Cannon



Ohio State – 7:17.351

Michigan – 7:19.003

Indiana – 7:23.147

Wisconsin – 7:28.423

Rutgers – 7:32.507

Iowa – 7:36.667

Minnesota – 7:38.059

Michigan State – 7:46.879

Lineup: Batchu, Massier, Miklasevich, Hatton, Frendberg



Michigan 7:30.616

Rutgers 7:34.542

Ohio State 7:38.942

Indiana 7:40.900

Minnesota 7:42.318

Wisconsin 7:46.420

Michigan State 7:56.061

Iowa 8:01.275

Lineup: Stainbrook, Carr, Flinders, Boomer, Robinson



Ohio State 7:27.837

Michigan 7:28.133

Minnesota 7:40.355

Wisconsin 7:47.467

Indiana 7:47.621

Iowa 8:00.471

Rutgers 8:15.611

Lineup: Sudhoff, Kwiecinski, Harper, Wahlers, Kuntzman


Michigan 6:37.253

Ohio State 6:40.677

Indiana – 6:41.039

Wisconsin – 6:46.351

Rutgers – 6:48.671

Minnesota – 6:55.135

Michigan State – 7:04.233

Iowa – 7:24.263

Lineup: Beltz, Sellers, Draycott, Pabst, Reymann, Strzelecki, Robinson, Pohl, Clouse



Ohio State 6:50.423

Wisconsin 6:53.183

Michigan 6:58.407

Michigan State 7:01.529

Rutgers 7:02.037

Minnesota 7:16.513

Iowa 7:37.361 

Lineup: Walker, Hallsworth, Moore, Robison, Mitchell, McNutt, Bartos, Bercz, Olechiw



1V84-4 in races, 12-5 overall

2V82-6 in races, 9-7 overall

1V43-5 in races, 9-7 overall

2V42-6 in races, 10-7 overall

3V41-3 in races, 8-4 overall

1N84-3 in races, 14-4 overall

2N8 1-1 in races, 6-2 overall