April 3, 2017

COLUMBUS, Ohio — With the recently-approved Ohio State Athletic District construction plans, the Buckeye lacrosse programs will find themselves housed in the future Schumaker Complex, a $40 million-plus facility complete with its own locker room and team film room.

“We’re so excited about this new facility,” women’s lacrosse head coach Alexis Venechanos said. “The ability to train at the highest level with all the advanced facilities and having access to it 24/7 will only continue to take our program to the next level. When we recruit women’s lacrosse student-athletes here, we always talk about providing them with a first-class experience — on and off the field. With the new technologies provided within the Shumaker complex, recruits are going to be able to train and compete in the elite facility in the country.”

With plans to be the new training hub for the 33 Olympic sports teams at Ohio State, the new state-of-the-art facility will host the nutritional, physical and psychological development of more than 800 Ohio State student-athletes.

“We are excited at the impact this new facility will have on our men’s and women’s lacrosse programs,” Janine Oman, Ohio State SWA and senior associate athletics director, said. “This facility will house the most innovative sport science technology and personnel to better train, perform and recover our student-athletes in the safest and most efficient manner possible. The Schumaker facility has been designed to encourage student-athlete interaction. The men’s lacrosse team will be able to engage with other student-athletes, which builds upon the Buckeye family tradition we enjoy here at Ohio State no matter the sport you play.”

In addition to locker rooms for seven other teams, the complex also will be comprised of a sports nutrition and dining center, sports medicine and athletic training center, strength and conditioning center and classroom space for professional development for both current and former student-athletes.

This facility will not only serve as a complex for athletic development, but as a space in which all 1,100 students can share in post-graduation growth through the incorporation of programs like Real Life Wednesdays, entrepreneurship brain-storming sessions and more.

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