Hole # 1, 430 yards, Par 4
%^$A slight dog-leg right. A bunker on the front right protects the front of the green while bunkers to the back left and right protect the back half of the green. %^$

%^$Hole # 2, 437 yards, Par 4
%^$Some say the most difficult hole on the course. A very narrow tee shot must find its way between a group of large trees on the right and a fairway bunker on the left. Once on the putting surface, the entire green slopes from the back right corner to the front left.%^$

%^$Hole # 3, 412 yards, Par 4
%^$A slight dogleg to the left. The corner of the dogleg is right at the driving area, so you must be careful not to hit your tee shot through the fairway into the trees on the right. %^$

%^$Hole # 4, 530 yards, Par 5
%^$A solid tee shot down the left side of the fairway will catch a down slant and reward you with a little extra roll. %^$

%^$Hole # 5, 233 yards, Par 3
%^$This long par three has a green well guarded by four bunkers. An opening in front of the green allows a low shot to freely bounce onto the putting surface. %^$

%^$Hole # 6, 570 yards, Par 5
%^$A slight dogleg right. A well placed drive will put you between a fairway bunker on the left and a row of trees which line the entire right side of the hole. After two solid shots you will be left a slightly elevated green.%^$

%^$Hole # 7, 389 yards, Par 4
%^$A fairway bunker across most of the fairway forces you to either lay-up short with a fairway wood or attempt to carry bunker with your driver. %^$

%^$Hole # 8, 187 yards, Par 3
%^$The ball must travel over water to a green well guarded by three bunkers. The green slopes from back to front.%^$

%^$Hole #9, 417 yards, Par 4
%^$The tee shot will be directed down the fairway between a bunker in the left rough and a large tree in the right rough. A solid tee shot will put you near the 150-yard marker. Your second shot will be played to the deepest green on the course, with a steep slope from back to front. %^$

%^$Hole # 10, 416 yards, Par 4
%^$A straight forward hole. A good drive on this hole will find its way up to a plateau between a group of trees in the right rough, and several fairway bunkers in the left rough. Once on the green, there will be bunkers to the left, right and behind the green.%^$

%^$Hole # 11, 423 yards, Par 4
%^$Some say the most picturesque hole on the course. Your tee shot will travel over a valley of wildflowers. The green is flat.%^$

%^$Hole # 12, 546 yards, Par 5
%^$A slight dogleg right. The green is firm, quick and slope from back to front.%^$

%^$Hole # 13, 202 yards, Par 3
%^$From an elevated tee, this downhill par three usually plays a little shorter than the yardage indicates. A creek 25 yards short of the green does not come into play, however there are sand traps to the short left and short right of the green.%^$

%^$Hole # 14, 489 yards, Par 5
%^$This hole plays as a slight dogleg to the right. The narrow green is 36 yards deep.%^$

%^$Hole # 15, 428 yards, Par 4
%^$The famous “O” bunker out in the right rough can be avoided by playing a right to left tee shot on this hole. %^$

%^$Hole # 16, 379 yards, Par 4
%^$Appears to be just another short par 4 until you stand up on the tee and stare down the fairway which is lined with trees on the right and a hazard on the left. %^$

%^$Hole # 17, 207 yards, Par 3
%^$The hole is played from an elevated tee, down and back up to an elevated green. Be careful of the back to front slope of this green which leads right off the front edge and down the hill.%^$

%^$Hole # 18, 414 yards, Par 4
%^$A great finishing hole. A tee shot toward two tall trees through the fairway, avoiding the fairway bunker in the right rough, will put you in position right at the corner of this sharp dogleg left. Bunkers guard the front right and left portions of the green. %^$