Like Brother, Like Sister: Hummer Siblings Share Athletic Spotlight

By Nick Gonzalez, Ohio State Athletics Communications

If you hail from Upper Arlington, Ohio, you’ve most likely been encouraged growing up to cheer for the Buckeyes, and if not, at the very least you understand the overwhelming fandom of Ohio State athletics that encompasses the area.

If you’re Danny or Emily Hummer, however, those student-athletes just a few short miles away represented something even more significant: an upcoming reality.

As two of Mark and Jeanine Hummer’s four children, the pair embodies the past, present and future at Ohio State. Danny, after having spent two years playing men’s basketball for the Air Force Academy, found his way back in Columbus as a walk-on transfer in the fall of 2017, while Emily, a current senior at Upper Arlington High School, recently decided to keep the family legacy going by committing to join the women’s golf team in 2020.

“When she committed here, that was pretty awesome,” Danny said about his younger sister’s choice. “The unique thing about it is our [men’s basketball] athletic trainer is going to be her trainer too because he works with the women’s golf team, so just being able to have her come here and be part of this is awesome for her and I’m happy for her.”

Even though Ohio State was Emily’s preferred institution for quite some time, it didn’t become clear to her she could continue her time on the golf course with the Buckeyes until late in her high school career.

“Since I was a freshman, I always wanted to go to Ohio State,” Emily explained, “and it didn’t [need to] be for golf until probably my junior year – I played pretty well at the state tournament, and that’s when I kind of realized that it would be possible to go there for golf.”

This realization prompted a thorough process of making that dream come true. While other universities briefly came into play, Emily knew where she desired to be.

“Throughout last spring of 2019, I played in a lot of tournaments, and that whole year was basically to get to my goal to play at Ohio State,” she said. “I was definitely talking to some other schools, but Ohio State was definitely where I wanted to go the whole time.

“I’ve always loved that school and the environment it gives off.”

Danny agreed with the approach Emily brought to her recruitment process, adding, “The main thing I told her from [my perspective] when I was transferring is you can’t put a price on happiness, and you can’t let anybody make a decision for you. I think the biggest thing for her when deciding was that she had to figure out where she wanted to be and she’d be able to accept that, and I think she made the best decision for her.”

Regarding the athletic duo’s siblings, Amira and Andy, a connection with the university also exists. The former earned her bachelor’s degree in 2016 (now furthering her education as a third-year at Ohio State’s Moritz College of Law), while the latter is a current undergraduate junior. However, according to Danny, this shared experience at the school was not always set in stone.

“That was not the plan,” he indicated. “My sister went to Miami of Ohio for a couple years and transferred, my brother ended up coming here kind of last minute, and I was not here and then transferred, so we all kind of just centered back and came home. I always felt like I was born a Buckeye.”

While each individual Hummer child took their own distinct path to ultimately elect to attend Ohio State, Danny and Emily share a common excitement for what’s to come for them as members of the university’s athletics community.

“I went on my official visit back in November and I met the whole team – they were all really nice and very welcoming,” Emily said. “You can tell that they love the school and are really proud, which is like everyone who goes to Ohio State. I’m definitely excited to be on a great team with them.”

For Danny, he looks forward to the prospect of a new role, stating, “My hope is to finish my master’s and be a grad assistant for the team next year if everything works out.”