Family First

by Mike Basford

A lot of programs talk about “family” when describing their culture. But few practice what they preach the way Ohio State does. That’s because it starts at the top with head coach Nadine Muzerall, who is a mother of two. Her kids and her family are as much a part of the program as anyone else, and her players notice it. We caught up with some of them to get their their perspective on what makes it a unique experience:

Not only are you a mom to 2 of your own children but to 21 of the girls on the team

“I watched Coach Muzz became a super-mom at her daughter Bella’s birthday party’. She went above and beyond to make sure all the kids were laughing and enjoying themselves as she organized a fun game of sharks and minnows on the ice, blew up a room full of balloons, decorated in a Star Wars theme with Princess Leia. She was a rockstar!”

“Being one of the best women’s head coaches doesn’t come easy on top of being the unbelievable mom you are. It’s truly amazing to see you balance family life and your work family. Not only are you a mom to 2 of your own children but to 21 of the girls on the team. You care so deeply about your children and show them love no matter on the road, home games, or whenever you are in the country. You are a supermom and are always making your kids feel special and loved.”

~ Tatum Skaggs

“Muz is a role model with how she balances her family life and work life. Between being a mom at home and being our coach she also manages to be our family with being away from home. She has been there for me through the toughest of times and is the epitome of a leader in not only her family but ours at Ohio State.”

~ Emma Maltais

“Having a coach that is a mother is so special and heartwarming. I know she’s always going to be there for me just as she is to her own kids. She loves us just like her own children and that’s very rare to find.”

~ Brooke Bink

“Coach Muz is a supermom. She treats our entire team like her own family and we all look up to her in so many ways as a leader and as a mom.”

~ Jenn Gardiner

“It’s really special to see how Coach Muzz has been able to integrate such a family culture into our program and how she cares for each of us like her own. You can tell family is important to her by the things she does every day. Seeing how she interacts with her own kids and the support she provides our team is definitely special and unique!”

~ Jenna Buglioni