Former women’s basketball Big Ten champ has started new job back at Ohio State. She will be in attendance today as an athletics employee, watching a string of league titles she helped start in 2005.

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Beth Howe

OhioState women’s basketball 2001-05

OhioState Inside Ticket Sales Representative


Almost five years ago to the day, Beth Howe celebrated her senior day with the women’s basketball team by hoisting the Big Ten championship trophy at center court of Value City Arena. Howe’s 2005 Buckeye team was the first of OhioState’s current five-year run at the top of the league. 


As a student-athlete, Howe honed her skills to perform at a high level in front of large crowds. A Big Ten record crowd of 17,525 witnessed the first of the five Big Ten titles on Howe’s senior day Feb. 17, 2005.


In her first year as an Inside Tickets Sales Representative in the department of athletics, Howe shares those experiences as a student-athlete as a way to help attract large crowds for current Buckeye teams.


Take me through your path from student-athlete at OhioState to then coming back to this job.

When I graduated in June of ’05, I moved to Nashville, Tenn. I earned my Masters in sports management at BelmontUniversity. While I was in Nashville, I worked with the Tennessee Titans for about a year and a half, interning and working game day operations. I got my introduction to the business side of sports with the Titans.

After grad school, I ended up staying in Nashville, working outside of sports in a legal field. But I missed sports. I missed being back in Columbus. I missed OhioState. I made the move back this past summer and ended up starting here at OhioState in the athletics department. 


Compare the college end of sports to working with the Titans.

I knew sports from a student-athlete standpoint, but the whole business side was pretty new to me. After being here for a month, I have realized what we do here at OhioState models after professional teams in terms of ticketing, marketing and promotions. That is what I did with the Titans. It is a totally different view and experience from when I was a student-athlete.


Take me back to when you were a student-athlete. Did you ever think that this much goes into running a Division I athletics program?

No. I think as an athlete, you think people just show up to games. That is definitely not what happens. The details that go into making a game happen are what I’m figuring out now. The day-to-day operations are what make the sports world turn.


What about those days as a student-athlete and the work ethic involved, did it prepare you for going into the “real world” side of sports?


Yes. There wasn’t a day that Coach (Jim) Foster didn’t say, “you will appreciate this 5-10 years from now.” Not a day goes by that I don’t somehow relate what he taught us – whether it was on the court or off the court – into my everyday life. Whether it was personal or career, being an athlete transforms into your traits, personality and characteristics. It also definitely can relate to work ethic, dealing with people and working together as a team to achieve a common goal.


What is it like being back? Your desk is located just a matter of feet from the women’s basketball office. How have your interactions changed with the coaching staff?

It is just great to be a Buckeye again. I knew eventually I wanted to be back here. I am fortunate and humble to be back here so soon as an employee.

It is my home away from home. When I left high school, the SchottensteinCenter is where I came and now it is where I come everyday. It is comforting to get to know Coach Foster and the staff on a different level, not as a student-athlete. Now we have formed a friendship.


How much do you enjoy being able to share your personal experiences as a student-athlete with potential customers?

I know what it feels like to have the stands full. My senior day, it might have been the first and last time that the Schott’ has been sold out for a women’s game. I know what that felt like and to pass that onto other student-athletes is my goal. I want to pass on what I was given as a student-athlete.

It’s fun to talk to fans, supporters and donors and share my experiences on more of a personal level and relate it to them. Everyday, I relive my career through my experiences, passing them onto fans that have and will forever support the Buckeyes.