NIL Corporate Ambassador Program

Learn about Ohio State’s marketing and advertising opportunities designed exclusively for student-athletes.



The Corporate Ambassador Program is an exclusive marketing and advertisement opportunity for our Ohio State Student-Athletes.


Through this program, our student-athletes will serve as a corporate brand ambassador for a company within the Columbus community. Participants will engage with the marketing department of each company to promote their brand through a variety of Name, Image and Likeness activities thus serving as a mutually beneficial partnership for both parties. Additionally, the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute Staff will enhance this experience for the student-athletes with professional development and brand building education.

The five goals of the Corporate Ambassador program include:

  1. Provide student-athletes with professional development to best prepare them for life after sport
  2. Enhance student-athletes’ resumes
  3. Teach student-athletes how to navigate corporate relationships
  4. Connect student-athletes with local companies
  5. Provide a mechanism for student-athletes to utilize their name, image, and likeness while gaining meaningful marketing and advertisement experience


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Corporate Ambassador Program?

The program is exclusively for Ohio State’s Student-Athletes.

Ambassadors will be selected by a company and will participate in the partnership. Companies may establish an initial relationship that is no shorter than 3 months and no longer than 12 months in duration.

Ohio State Staff will submit profiles to the participating companies. The company will conduct their own selection process for the student-athlete who best fits their needs and qualifications.

Ambassadors will be compensated at a rate determined by the company. They will be paid by the company directly.

Ambassadors will participate in up to 10 hours of professional development, including financial literacy, budgeting, building a personal brand, professional networking, and more. These educational sessions will be facilitated by The Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute.

Program Outline

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NIL Package

Companies may determine an NIL package that meets their needs, as agreed upon by the company and their respective ambassador. Student-athletes will participate in NIL activities with the company for the duration of the agreement.

For a 12-month agreement, the suggested package is:

  • 12 social media endorsements
  • 6 on-site appearances
  • 1 commercial/media advertisement

Ohio State Trademark and Licensing

The use of Ohio State intellectual property including logos and other trademarks are not permitted in any marketing materials unless the company is a Learfield Sponsor. If you are interested in exploring the opportunity of becoming an official sponsor of Ohio State Athletics, please contact Mathew Heichemer:

What are the expectations for Corporate Ambassador supervisors?

Corporate Ambassador Supervisor Expectations:

  1. Supervisors and ambassadors should communicate and outline the terms for the NIL component in a scheduled meeting. Based on these terms, the supervisor and ambassador will develop a plan that outlines specific advertisements, endorsements, and/or appearances in which the ambassador will take part.
  2. Ambassadors are an opportunity for student-athletes to gain meaningful marketing and advertisement experience. Therefore, supervisors should hold ambassadors to a professional standard and provide them with tasks that will foster professional growth and an increased skill set.
  3. At the conclusion of the program, supervisors will supply feedback about the employer experience and their ambassador(s), as well as offer suggestions to improve the program for the future.
  4. Supervisors will adhere to all NCAA and Ohio State rules and regulations regarding student-athlete employment and Name, Image, and Likeness. For more information visit:
  5. Interns will attend mandatory professional development sessions with the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute staff.
  6. Student-athletes must disclose all NIL activities completed through the Ambassador Program in Ohio State’s disclosure software.

Student-Athlete NIL Guidelines

What are the Ohio State NIL guidelines for student-athletes?

  1. You may not participate in NIL Activities in an OSU athletics facility (including fields and other venues) without express permission, and you must pay the applicable university rental rate.
  2. You may not participate in an NIL Activity while required to be present for practice, scrimmage, or competition and you may not participate in any NIL Activities during official team activities, on- or off-campus.
  3. During NIL Activities, you may not use any Ohio State trademarks, service marks, logos, symbols, or other intellectual property of Ohio State (including wearing apparel with Ohio State trademarks or logos) without prior written permission from Ohio State’s Office of Trademark and Licensing Services.
  4. You may not use photos or videos containing Ohio State trademarks, logos, service marks, symbols, or other intellectual property in your NIL Activities without prior written approval from Ohio State Trademark & Licensing Service.
  5. You may say, in connection with NIL Activities, that you are a student-athlete at Ohio State and list your personal academic or athletic accolades. You may not imply, directly or indirectly, that Ohio State is endorsing your NIL Activities, or any products or services associated with your NIL Activities.
  6. You may not enter into an NIL agreement if the agreement conflicts with an Ohio State agreement.


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