The institute provides leadership, character and career development for all Ohio State student-athletes in order to best prepare them for life after graduation.

Introducing the

Next Gen Program

The NextGen Program is designed to prepare student-athletes for a career within intercollegiate athletics

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2023 Bucks Go Pro 1.0, 2.0 Classes Announced

Total of 94 Buckeye student-athletes will either intern within the dept. of athletics or with local companies in Central Ohio

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Name, Image, and Likeness Simplified

NIL Resources for Student-Athletes

Learn more about NIL and how the Department of Athletics is supporting student-athletes.

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Moritz College of Law, Ohio State Athletics Partnership

The Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic at the Moritz College of Law has partnered with Ohio State Athletics to help students and student-athletes better understand the legal aspects of NIL, specifically contracts.

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SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT AND Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director

Ohio State’s student-athletes continue to excel in the classroom and on the fields of play under the leadership of Gene Smith, who directs the nation’s largest and one of its elite athletic programs.

Smith is proud of the high-performance culture that has developed with the leadership of what he often refers to as “the best coaching staff in America.” Record achievements by individuals, teams and the entire athletic program attest to Ohio State’s commitment to the development of the total student-athlete in a holistic way.

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Student-Athlete Spotlight

Alumni from Cincinnati, Ohio

Robby Oswald

Read about former Ohio State student-athlete Robby Oswald’s experience with the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute.

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Next Gen Program

The Ohio State Department of Athletics has developed the NextGen Program, designed to prepare student-athletes for a career within intercollegiate athletics.

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Real Life Programming


The internship is a 8-week, paid program designed to provide both an internship experience and professional development learning opportunities.

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This program is a 10-week, paid internship experience with an employer in the United States developing skills to succeed in the business environment.

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Micro-Internship Program

This two-week program aims to provide an opportunity for our student-athletes to gain greater perspective into their intended career, or explore careers that they may have an interest in learning more about.

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More Programming

Buckeye Futures

Buckeye Futures is a networking event that features industry and graduate program professionals that connect with student-athletes to share their journeys, passions and various career opportunities.

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The Buckeye Road Trip is a two to three day experience for freshman and sophomore student-athletes that provides a well-rounded opportunity to explore different career paths. The Road Trip visits cities and sites throughout various industries.

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Dress to Impress Program

The Dress to Impress Program is an incentivized career development plan. Student-athletes are encouraged to complete a resume, cover letter, and more.

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Live Life Programming


This program prepares elite student-athletes for the next level. Experts in the field provide education to assist players with managing family relationships, personal brand management, as well as asset and financial planning.

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Leadership Programming


Lead Like a Buckeye is a leadership development program for team leaders and captains across all sports.

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The Wolstein Leadership Academy is a comprehensive program crafted to assist our student-athletes on their personal leadership journeys.

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The Gene Smith Podcast

Each month, the Ohio State Senior Vice President & Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director sits down to talk about the current state of OSU Athletics.

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