Aug. 31, 2012

Without a doubt, the strength of the Buckeye Club comes from our generous members. For over 35 years, the members of the Buckeye Club have joined us in our common goal of supporting the Ohio State Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund. With your help, we hope to continue in this mission by adding to the loyal Buckeye Club family.

In an effort to increase our support of the 1,000+ Ohio State student-athletes, our goal this year is to expand the Buckeye Club by 1,000 new members. To reach this goal, we will need your help, as representatives of Buckeye Nation, to champion our mission and encourage new Ohio State supporters to join the Buckeye Club.

For each new member you bring to the Buckeye Club, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win exclusive Buckeye prizes for yourself and your new member!*

In addition to being a champion for our student-athletes, you could receive:

  • Official Ohio State merchandise
  • Autographed Buckeye memorabilia
  • Passes to join us in the athletic department’s luxury suite for a Buckeye basketball game.

Each year, the athletic department transfers over $15 million to the university to fund student-athlete scholarships. This year, thanks to the contributions of our members, the Buckeye Club raised $11.6 million to aid this support. While this shows the tremendous support of Buckeye Nation, it is our hope that, with your help, we can continue to build the Buckeye Club’s membership and move closer to fully funding our student-athlete scholarships.

Every member, and every dollar donated makes a direct impact on our student-athletes. With your help, we can ensure that our Buckeyes continue the Ohio State tradition of excellence. Be a champion for our Buckeyes.

For information about how to refer a new member, please call (614) 292-9908 or email

*Your name and Buckeye Club account number must be provided with the new member information.