Oct. 28, 2014

Practice and competitive facilities are important evidence of an institution’s commitment to excellence; prospective student-athletes and their parents earnestly compare them. Ohio State is fortunate to have superior competitive facilities, many of which were made possible through private philanthropy.

Most recently, the construction of the new basketball practice facility created training spaces that provide the men’s and women’s teams with dedicated practice courts, locker rooms and video-review rooms to assist with perfecting their talents.

Prior to the opening of the new facility in 2013, the Ohio State basketball teams utilized the Schottenstein Center and St. John Arena playing courts for daily practice schedules. A challenge for the men’s and women’s basketball coaches was the availability of practice space. The creation of separate auxiliary gyms at the new facility has allowed both teams greater flexibility in scheduling, allowing student-athletes to balance their academic and athletic commitments. Additional space has resulted in meeting the most important programmatic goal: increased success in student graduation and academic accomplishment.

“Many programs across the country have built or are building dedicated practice basketball facilities. Many of those schools are the ones we compete with in recruiting and on the floor,” said Thad Matta, Head Men’s Basketball Coach. “Our new facility is second to none and has allowed us to maintain our strength in providing the best environment in the country for our student athletes.”

Additionally, with the growing excellence of Ohio State basketball, more former players-both men and women-are competing professionally. The new facility welcomes them back to campus, much in the tradition of Buckeye football. Current players have the privilege to work out alongside former Buckeye greats, building the tradition of the Buckeye basketball family.

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