Aug. 31, 2005

You have played a lot of top quality tennis players. Who would you say is the best player you’ve ever played against? What set that person apart from the others?
I played (Andre) Agassi, (Jim) Courier, (Pete) Sampras, (Michael) Chang and many others in junior tennis. While playing pro tennis, I would have to say (Tim) Henman, (Sargis) Sargsian, and (Hicham) Arazi would be the best players that I ever played in professional tennis. These three guys all ended up top 30 in the world but Henman made it to top 5. I would have to say Arazi was the toughest and I think the toughest part was playing him twice in his home country of Morocco.

As a player, do you prefer to play on grass, clay, or hard court and why?
I like to play indoors on hard courts. I lived in Florida for 6-7 years and I do not mind playing on clay.

Who is your favorite professional tennis player to watch? What about his or her game make it fun to watch them?
I like to watch Andre Agassi. I like the way his game has evolved over his 20 year pro career

What was the most nerve racking moment you’ve ever experienced on a tennis court?
There have been many nerve racking experiences on a tennis court. I think it is more nerve racking coaching than playing.

You stopped playing professional tennis because of the travel, but what was your favorite place you traveled to while you were playing professionally? What made that place stand out?
Anywhere in the U.S. was great. I also had great times playing in Canada. I played in Israel 10 months after the first Gulf War and we went to some sites of Scud missile attacks. We also went to Bethlehem. There was a tournament in Columbus Ohio so that was the best place!

What one person had the biggest impact on the coaching style that you have today and why?
I spent many days at the Harry Hopman Tennis Academy. I think a group of coaches from Hopman’s had the biggest effect on my current coaching style. I think it is a bit of old school mentality. It was all about working hard and getting better everyday. I had many coaches from Ohio that were excellent. Tom Dimofski, Ron Schaub, and Coach (John) Daly

Other than tennis, what is your favorite sport to watch and why?
OHIO STATE FOOTBALL – I have been a fan for 35 years and growing up in Zanesville, Ohio made it easy to follow the Buckeyes.

What is your favorite memory as a player?
There are many great memories! I miss the locker rooms the most. It is the friendships that I made through the years with players from all over the world.

What is your favorite memory as a coach?
EVERY ROAD WIN!!!! Most days at practice!!!! The best part is the bus rides and plane rides after road wins.

Do you see yourself staying with college coaching for the rest of your career, or do you think there is a chance you’ll want to coach younger kids or even professionals?
I hope to stay at Ohio State for a long time. I know that I love the game of tennis, but I do love Ohio State more.