Aug. 31, 2005

What about Ohio State made you most attracted to the university when you decided to go there as an undergrad?
Ohio State was great in basketball and it was a dream of mine to play both basketball and golf there. It worked out well.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?
Being able to play both sports at Ohio State at the highest level in collegiate sports lettering every year in both.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment as a coach?
Coaching the 1979 Buckeye Golf Team to the NCAA title.

What is your all-time favorite course to play? Why?
Augusta. It is the best course in America.

What sport did you enjoy playing more in college, basketball or golf?
I guess golf because I had more success. Basketball was great, our team won 3 Big Ten titles in 4 years.

Who is the best basketball player you’ve ever played against?
John Havlicek.

Aside from your Buckeye loyalty, who was a better golfer in his prime, Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus?
Jack Nicklaus.

What is your favorite tournament to go to as a spectator?
Memorial at Muirfield Village.

What is the lowest round you’ve ever shot?
59 on par 69, 61 on par 70.

What is your handicap?
0, I haven’t had a handicap since I was 14.