Aug. 31, 2005

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
Our basic goal is to win the Open National Championship, and second, to win the Women’s National Championship. Even these goals are secondary to the growth and development of our student athletes who remain the major focus of our coaching efforts.

What was your favorite sport to play growing up?
Favorite sport was football in high school, gymnastics in college, then hydroplane racing as a young adult.

Is it difficult finding talented people to compete on your team due to the fact that it is not a high school sport?
There is not the smooth pipeline of pistol talent as in traditional high school sports, but with internet connections assistance, Coach Knisley and I feel we are in contact with the vast majority of junior shooters around the nation.

What is one thing you like better about living in Columbus than on the west coast?
Living in Columbus is more convenient. In Washington where I taught and coached, everything was so spread out.

What is one thing you like better about living on the west coast than in Columbus?
The Pacific Northwest coast has some of the most awesome scenery in the world!

What is one thing you like better about coaching pistol as opposed to gymnastics?
Coaching pistol is a lot of fun because I can relate to the athletes since I still compete in the shooting sports.

What is one thing you liked better about coaching gymnastics as opposed to pistol?
The thing I miss most about not coaching gymnastics is not being out on the floor spotting. In shooting, we can’t speak or communicate in any manner with our athletes while they are on the line.

What do you think your sport needs to do to expand its audience?
To expand our shooting audience, we would need a new facility, or barring that – a closed circuit TV system that would show the bullets going into the targets and a running score total. Many Europeans have a TV system and matches are watched by thousands of viewers.

Which sport do you think is more difficult for someone coming in off the street to pickup, pistol or gymnastics?
Someone off the street would have a much more difficult time starting in gymnastics as opposed to pistol because of the physical demands of gymnastics – it takes years of dedicated training to acquire the strength and flexibility to do even the most basic gymnastic skills. On the other hand, it takes years of practice and mental training to achieve any competitive success in pistol shooting in anything above the “hobby” level. To reach the upper level in any sport it takes 100% commitment along with natural talent.

What is your greatest memory as a competitor?
My greatest memory as an athlete would have to be qualifying for the national finals in the ring event in men’s gymnastics my senior year in college at OSU.