Tanner Laczynski

Buckeye for Life

Coming to Ohio State has been the best decision I’ve ever made. These last four years will forever be with me. The friendships and memories I have will last a lifetime.

Thank you to the coaches for guiding me along this journey and helping me become a better overall player.

To the support staff, thank you for the countless hours and effort you have put in to make this program run smoothly. All your work does not go unnoticed.

To my teammates, I won’t forget the last four years and endlessly making memories. The accomplishments we have had in the past four years have put this program not only on the map, but a contender every year. It is going to be hard not being able to go in that locker room everyday to see you all.

The last four years have really gone by fast and I hope to all future and current Buckeyes you take advantage of these best years of your life.

End of an era. Buckeye for life.