Aug. 21, 2000

Head Coach Miles Avery
On the current Buckeyes in the Olympic Trials:
“I couldn’t be more proud of Jamie and Raj. They did an absolutely awesome job throughout this whole process. They represented Ohio State well. I heard nothing but great things about them and the way they performed. Both did all they could do and I couldn’t possibly ask for more.

On Natalie’s being a part of the Olympic Team:
“The Olympics will be a great experience for Jamie in terms of preparing for the 2004 Olympics, if he decides to continue competing until then.”

Jamie Natalie
On being named the alternate to the Olympic Team:
“It’s a great feeling getting to go to the Olympics and represent our country. It’s kind of disappointing that I’m the alternate, but I’m going to step into that role and help the guys in whatever way I can to bring home a medal for the United States.”

Raj Bhavsar
On his Olympic Trials experience:
“I’ve never had so much fun at a meet in my life. It was definitely a learning experience. Now, when I go to compete in four years I’ll have a better idea of what it takes to make the Olympic Team.”