April 5, 2000

%^$Jamie Natalie
%^$On next year’s squad
%^$We should be really strong again next season. We’re only losing one gymnast (Michael Morgan) and we’re picking up some really good freshmen. With the experience we gained this year and what we’ll gain during the regular season next year – there’s no telling what our team can do.%^$

%^$On winning the NCAA all-around title and being the first Ohio State gymnast since Blaine Wilson, an Olympian and the four-time defending U.S. national champion, to win the all-around championship…%^$

%^$It’s always great to go out there and win against tough competition. Hopefully I can follow in the footsteps of Blaine Wilson, the last Ohio State gymnast to win the NCAA all-around title (1996 and `97), and acheive everything he has done in his career so far.%^$

%^$Daren Lynch
%^$On the team this year
%^$This season we were a young, talented team with a lot of heart and desire. What we went through this season will help us to be a focused team next year, especially going into the NCAA Championships in our arena.%^$

%^$On the 2000 and 2001 NCAA Championships
%^$We were particularly intrigued with Iowa’s strong performance in front of their home crowd at the NCAA Championships this season. We hope that next year we can have that same intensity on our home floor at the national championship in St. John Arena.%^$

%^$Raj Bhavsar
%^$On Ohio State’s performance at the NCAA Championships
%^$The biggest thing about last weekend was that it was a learning experience. It wasn’t a disappointment or dishonorable. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to take what happened this year, when we struggled at the finals, and step it up at the Championships.%^$

%^$On his freshman season
%^$My freshmen year meant a lot to me. Overall I’m happy with everything that’s happened so far. Being named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year and to the All-American team were both great honors for me. These two awards were the result of this great freshman year. I expected a whole lot coming in and I got a whole lot out of it.