July 30, 2019

Synchronized Swimming Summer Internships


Six Buckeyes have taken advantage of the academic break to add to their resumes and get real-world work experience. Wenjing Deng, Kaitlyn Carboun, Laila Huric, Paula Luis, Daria Torba, and Sarah Walsh will wrap up their summer internships in the coming weeks and in just 19 days the team will report back to campus to begin training for another elite season of synchronized swimming.

Wenjing Deng

Major: Electrical Engineering

Intern Title: Hardware Engineering Intern

Company: Rockwell Automation

Working at Rockwell, Deng has helped with model validation of a linear motor products through testing and analysis. Beyond her internship, she is staying busy in August with Wolstein Leadership Academy and will be participating in Nike’s Project Move, attending a professional development session at the Nike headquarters. These experiences will help develop her as a professional as she prepares for her final year at Ohio State.

“I’ve loved communicating with professionals and learning about what they do and how they have progressed through career.”

Kaitlyn Carboun

Major: Political Science and International Studies

Intern title: Bucks Go Pro 2.0 Undergraduate Legal Intern

Company: Kayne Law Group

Carboun has had the opportunity to shadow different lawyers at the Kayne Law Group and work on projects intended to directly relate to courses that are required in most first-year law programs. Reading legal documents and having open discussions with professionals to better understand the material has allowed Carboun to observe the legal process in an intimate way. She also assists the office with organizational tasks by overseeing the company’s calendar and ensuring critical dates for agreements and contracts are not missed. These experiences will prepare her for her future as she hopes to pursue a career as an attorney to serve the community by fulfilling a role in defense. Carboun spent this summer preparing for admission to law school by studying and taking the LSAT. She will also participate in Wolstein Leadership Academy in August.

“Through this experience, I have been able to network with many lawyers inside and outside of Kayne Law Group. Because Kayne Law Group is a unique law firm with a mission to be different by valuing relationships, I’ve had a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn much more than law principles.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

Laila Huric

Major: Biology, Pre-Dental

Intern Title: Observational Assistant

Company: Private Dental Studio (Italy)

Huric has been completing observational hours to better prepare herself for dental school as she hopes to one day open her own practice.

Paula Luis Gronau

Major: Accounting

Intern Title: Tax Accounting Intern

Company: LLM&D

Working under several accountants, Gronau has helped to complete income tax returns, related returns and applications, perform research regarding tax incentives for investors in Puerto Rico and assisted with client’s debt with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. She hopes to pass the CPA exam and attend law school to specialize in tax consulting.

“My favorite part of the internship has been getting to learn a lot about the field of accounting before even studying it in college!”

Daria Torba

Major: Media and Technology Communications, minoring in Computer Information Systems

Intern Title: Bucks Go Pro 2.0 Marketing and Operations Intern

Company: Pool Office Manager

Torba has had experience in many departments of the company, working with customer service, contacting potential customers, capturing video footage and photos to produce content online and learning how to effectively use social media. She has gained experience utilizing applications like Photoshop, Adobe Spark, and WordPress to create graphics for brochures and social media while also developing webpages. Torba also gets to showcase her skills and learn by helping the video services team within the Ohio State Athletics Department. This coming year, she will serve as a Peer Educator for student-athletes and has been working to plan an impactful year of programming. Hoping to continue to utilize her creativity in her future career, Torba is interested in photography, videography, graphic design and web development.

“I love that since I do get to work with every department of the small company, I am able to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are in different areas and I am able to focus on tasks that I have a passion for, such as shooting and editing videos and developing websites.”


Ohio State Buckeyes

Sarah Walsh

Major: Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability

Intern Title: Bucks Go Pro 1.0 Sustainability Intern

Company: The Ohio State University Office of Sustainability

Walsh is working under the guidance of Graham Oberly, the university’s sustainability coordinator. Her responsibilities all tie into helping Ohio State’s Athletics Department, Business Advancement, and Business and Finance offices pursue the university’s sustainability goals. Walsh is working through her sport to help achieve these goals by organizing synchronized swimming’s annual Zero Waste Invitational for a crowd of over 150 people as well as transitioning the team’s annual Sync Cancer event to Zero Waste distinction. She has been helping develop an educational program for student-athletes to learn more about how they can become involved in sustainability on campus to reduce their carbon footprint. For the second time in her athletic career, Walsh will be attending the Wolstein Leadership Academy in August to enhance her leadership skills and step into an upperclassmen role this year. She hopes to make individual businesses or whole cities more environmentally-friendly in her future career.

“It has been very fulfilling to see the work that I have produced, now out in the world, positively affecting people’s daily lives!”