January 24, 1999

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State synchronized swimming defeated Michigan and Miami (O.) at home by capturing all senior and junior figure and free routine events. Ohio State defeated Michigan and Miami (O.) by a score of 102. Mary Hofer (Fr., Spring Valley, Calif.) placed first over teammate Ann Marie Altman (So., Columbus, Ohio) in the solo event for her first collegiate win (90.333). Other highlights came from the Ohio State trio team of Tarin Forbes (Edmonton, Alberta) , Beth Kreimer (Fr., Cincinnati, Ohio) and Stephanie Johnson (Sr., Mesa, Ariz.) and the duet team of Forbes and Kreimer who scored a stunning 88.133. Miami (O.) placed third in both the duet and trio events to claim 36.5 points for the day. %^$

%^$”I was extremely happy with our performance today,” head coach Linda Lichter-Witter said. “We had four freshmen in the free rountines and they came out ready.”%^$

%^$Ohio State will begin action again on Feb. 6 against Keuka College and Wheaton College in Keuka Park, N.Y.%^$

%^$Final Results:%^$Ohio State 102 vs. Miami (O.) 36.5%^$Ohio State 102 vs. Michigan 13.5%^$Miami 45.5 vs. Michigan 13%^$

%^$ %^$Senior Figures%^$1. Mary Hofer (OSU) 80.496%^$2. Isabela Moraes (OSU) 80.431%^$3. Stephanie Johnson (OSU) 80.049%^$

%^$Junior Figures%^$1. Chana Rosen (OSU) 71.520%^$2. Erica Levine (OSU) 69.707%^$3. Laura O’Neil (Miami) 61.744%^$

%^$Novice Figures %^$1. Christina Laning (UM) 59.318%^$2. Emily Szymczak (UM) 55.669%^$3. Angie Miller (UM) 55.345%^$

%^$Solo %^$1. Mary Hofer (OSU) 90.33%^$2. Ann Marie Altman (OSU) 88.933%^$

%^$Duet%^$1. Tarin Forbes, Beth Kreimer (OSU) 88.133%^$2. Kristen Price, Stephanie Johnson (OSU 87.667%^$

%^$Trio %^$1. Tarin Forbes, Beth Kreimer, Stephanie Johnson (OSU) 90.200%^$2. Katie Edwards, Isabela Moraes, Kristen Price (OSU) 88.800