COLUMBUS, Ohio After sweeping all four routines to score a total of 100 points, the Ohio State synchronized swimming team won its 18th North Regional championship Saturday at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.

Michigan finished second, scoring 73 points, while Carleton College rounded out the Top 3 with a score of 69.

The day also represented the final regular-season meet for five Buckeyes Michelle Benzie, Julia Broadfoot, Erin DeMarco, Brooke Paul and Leah Pinette.

The Buckeyes will return to McCorkle March 27-29 as hosts of the 2008 U.S. Collegiate National Championships.

One of the highlights of the meet was the Scarlet squad scoring a perfect 10’ amongst the five judges critiquing the artistic impression category. The team, comprised of Benzie, Jayme DeLancy, Carmen Moraes, Barbara Nesbitt, Pinette, Deborah Shim, Caitlin Stewart and Michelle Theriault, recorded a season-high 97.667 for first place.  

Also performing a season best was the Gray team Kaitlin Bolt, Broadfoot, Liz Derr, Jackie Mundy, Paul, Hannah Shively, Emilie Siemer and Kendra Sollars who earned a 95.000 for second place.

Performing in honors competition was the group of Diana Care, DeMarco, Monica Finnigan, Rita Gillan, Asia Luke and Tayler Stachowicz, who recorded an 88.167 to finish third.

Ohio State began the meet sweeping the Top 3 spots in the trio event. Scoring a 94.000, the group of Nesbitt, Stewart and Theriault led the contingent. Teammates, Moraes, Pinette and Shim followed with a 92.500. Rounding out the Top 3 was the group of Bolt, Mundy and Paul with a mark of 85.000.

The pair of Stewart and Theriault earned first-place honors with a 93.833 in the duet competition. In an honors routine, Benzie and DeLancy finished second with a mark of 88.333. The honors duo of Paul and Mundy were fourth with an 84.167.

In the solo act, Nesbitt once again earned a first-place tally with 94 points. Teammates DeMarco and Hilary Deason followed in second and third place with honors routines, scoring an 86.833 and 85.667, respectively.

North Regional Championships
March 1, 2008
McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Columbus, Ohio
Team Routine

1. Ohio State Scarlet Team 97.667
2. Ohio State Gray Team 95.500
3a. Ohio State Honor Team 88.167
3. Minnesota 82.250
4. Miami 78.000

Solo Routine
1. Barbara Nesbitt Ohio State 94.000
2a. Erin DeMarco Ohio State 86.833
2b. Hilary Deason Ohio State 85.667
2. Abby Donselman Ball State 83.333
3. Emily Terwelp – Michigan 83.167

Duet Routine
1. Caitlin Stewart, Michelle Theriault Ohio State 93.833
2a. Michelle Benzie, Jayme DeLancy Ohio State 88.333
2. Emily Terwelp, Rochelle Ross Michigan 85.833
3. Maggie Neck, Laura Winslow Minnesota 85.000
4a. Brooke Paul, Jackie Mundy Ohio State 84.167
4. Elise Cordo, Zofi Kudak-Field Carleton 79.500

Trio Routine
1. Barbara Nesbitt, Caitlin Stewart, Michelle Theriault Ohio State 94.000
2. Carmen Moraes, Leah Pinette, Deborah Shim Ohio State 92.500
3a. Kaitlin Bolt, Jackie Mundy, Brooke Paul Ohio State 85.000
3. Emily Terwelp, Rochelle Ross, Megan Muma Michigan 79.000
4. Maggie Neck, Laura Winslow, Alissa Moberg Minnesota 78.833
5. Elise Cordo, Zofi Kudak-Field, Stephanie Moberg Carleton 76.167