January 26, 2019

Synchro Central: Buckeyes split to visit Michigan and Minnesota


The Buckeyes have a packed weekend ahead of them as both the Scarlet and Gray synchronized swimming teams will be traveling.

The Scarlet team will travel to Minneapolis in Golden Gopher territory to compete against University of Minnesota, Hamline University, Carleton College and Stanford University. Saturday will host the technical competition and the routine competition will take place on Sunday.


Nikki Dzurko, Wenjing Deng, and Rachel Jager

Phoebe Coffin, Cassandra Neeley, and Stephanie Thielemann


Rachel Jager and Stephanie Thielemann

Nikki Dzurko and Laila Huric


Laila Huric

Nikki Dzurko

The SCARLET TEAM for this weekend consists of Carrasco, Coffin, Deng, Dzurko, Jager, Meredith-LeRoux, Neeley, and Thielemann.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Gray team will meet with the Wolverines from TTUN for the second time this month in Ann Arbor.


Erin Fanning, Paula Luis, and Sarah Walsh

Lane Starrett, Renee Stehlik, and Rachel Warren


Kaitlyn Carboun and Sarah Walsh


Erin Fanning

Daria Torba

Carboun, Lichter, Malone, Starrett, Stehlik, Torba, Walsh and Warren will combine to represent the Buckeyes as the GRAY TEAM.


Ohio State Buckeyes

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