COLUMBUS, Ohio The Ohio State synchronized swimming team swept all four events to capture its 19th regional title Saturday at the Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. The Buckeyes finished in first place with 103 points. Lindenwood placed second (82) and Carleton College rounded out the Top 3 with 68 points.

The competition marked the last home meet for four Buckeyes Jayme DeLancy, Carmen Moraes, Becky Kim and Kendra Sollars. The seniors were honored with flowers, presented by head coach Linda Lichter-Witter and associate head coach Holly Vargo-Brown, between the duet and solo competitions.

In the team routine, the Scarlet squad, consisting of Kim, DeLancy, Moraes, Barbara Nesbitt, Caitlin Stewart, Michelle Theriault, Deborah Shim and Jillian Penner, took first place with a score of 97.333. The Gray team, who is comprised of Liz Derr, Rita Gillan, Hannah Shively, Jackie Mundy, Emilie Siemer, Sollars, Lauren Robinson and Katherine Green, captured second place with a 94.833. Both scores were season-highs.

Monica Finnigan, Liana Litsky, Diana Care, Asia Luke and Torey Stachowicz performed an exhibition routine in the team event, garnering a score of 86.583.

In the solo routine, Nesbitt captured first place with a score of 94.667, recording her highest mark of the season. Green also participated in the event, performing an exhibition routine. She earned a mark of 87.667, but the score did not count in the overall team tally.

Kim and Meghan Kinney garnered a first place finish in the duet. The duo earned a mark of 95. 333, topping their previous high score of 93.833. 

In the trio event, Ohio State earned the Top 2 spots. Kinney, Moraes and Stewart finished first with a score of 95.333, followed by teammates Nesbitt, Shim and Theriault, who recorded a mark of 93.667. Derr, Mundy and Finnigan performed an exhibition routine, earning a mark of 85.833.

Up next, the Buckeyes will travel to San Antonio, Texas, to compete in the 2009 U.S. Collegiate National Championships March 26-28.

2009 North Regional Championships
Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
March 7, 2009

Final Team Scores
1. Ohio State 103
2. Lindenwood 82
3. Carleton 68
4. Michigan 64
5. Minnesota 63.5
6. Miami 50.5
7. Colorado State 27.5

Team Routine
1. Ohio State (Scarlet) 97.333 (Becky Kim, Jayme DeLancy, Carmen Moraes, Barbara Nesbitt, Caitlin Stewart, Michelle Theriault, Deborah Shim, Jillian Penner)
2. Ohio State (Gray) 94.833 (Liz Derr, Rita Gillan, Hannah Shively, Jackie Mundy, Emilie Siemer, Kendra Sollars, Lauren Robinson, Katherine Green)
3. Lindenwood 89.667 (Federica Bertolini, Mikayla Francese, Devah Leenheer, Kari Madden, Hannah Nakahara, Robin Pirik, Lindsey Ritenour, Stewart Shoemaker)
4 (a). Honor Ohio State 86.583 (Monica Finnigan, Liana Litsky, Diana Care, Asia Luke, Torey Stachowicz) 
4. Minnesota 80.417 (Hannah Riddle, Melissa Grandlund, Alissa Moberg, Ali Bodin, Nicole Dicksenson, Rebecca Corness, Rachel Hoffart)
5. Michigan 78.250 (Emily Terwelp, Heidi Chiu, Megan Muma, Sarah Williams, Ayumi Ueda)
6. Miami 77.917 (Jessica Ambrose, Sandra Specter, Emily Wille, Annie Dillard, Julie Ruiz-Bueno)
7. Carleton 75.917 (Dara Strauss-Albee, Charlotte Alster, Stephanie Moberg, Hannah Nitecki, Liza Styles)
8. Michigan 72.417 (Lindsay Bander, Claire Fields, Joanna Solarewicz, Annaliese McGavin, Jungmin Yoo)
9 (a). Honor Carleton 69.417 (Kate Cohen, Jixiu (Evelyn) Li, Lizzie Murphy, Libby Nachman, Katie Storey)
9. Colorado State 63.667 (Sarena Becker, Megan Vogt, Kellina Stamm, Celia Pietsch, Jessica White, Samantha Yung)

1. Barbara Nesbitt (OSU) 94.667
2. Devah Leenheer (Lindenwood) 88.000
3 (a). Katherine Green (Honor OSU) 87.667
3. Emily Terwelp (Michigan) 83.333
4. Hannah Riddle (Minnesota) 77.500
5. Charlotte Alster (Carleton) 76.333
6 (a). Karolina Bigos (Honor Lindenwood) 74.833
6. Emily Wille (Miami) 73.500
7 (a). Carrie Reynolds (Honor Lindenwood) 73.000

1. Becky Kim, Meghan Kinney (OSU) 95.333
2. Mikayla Francese, Devah Leenheer (Lindenwood) 88.500
3 (a). Kari Madden, Stewart Shoemaker (Honor Lindenwood) 84.333
3 (b). Robin Pirik, Lindsey Ritenour (Honor Lindenwood) 82. 167
3. Alissa Moberg, Ali Bodin (Minnesota) 80.000
4. Sandra Specter, Annie Dillard (Miami) 79.000
5. Emily Terwelp, Megan Muma (Michigan) 77.667
6 (a). Kelly Mahoney, Briana Preiss (Honor Lindenwood) 74.500
6. Dara Strauss-Albee, Stephanie Moberg (Carleton) 73.667
7. Sarena Becker, Kellina Stamm (Colorado State) 73.500
8. Emily Wille, Julie Ruiz-Bueno (Miami) 70.833

1.  Meghan Kinney, Carmen Moraes, Caitlin Stewart (OSU) 95.333
2.  Barbara Nesbitt, Deborah Shim, Michelle Theriault (OSU) 93.667
3.  Mikayla Francese, Kari Madden, Stewart Shoemaker (Lindenwood) 87.167
4 (a). Liz Derr, Monica Finnigan, Jackie Mundy (Honor OSU) 85.833
4. Hannah Nakahara, Robin Pirik, Lindsey Ritenour (Lindenwood) 83.667
5. Carrie Anderson, Rebecca Corness, Rachel Hoffart (Minnesota) 76.667
6. Dara Strauss-Albee, Charlotte Alster, Stephanie Moberg (Carleton) 74.833
7. Heidi Chiu, Megan Muma, Ayumi Ueda (Michigan) 74.333
8 (a). Melissa Grandlund, Alexandra Holmquist, Nicole Dickenson (Honor Minnesota) 73.500
8. Kala Levine, Sarah Zubrzycki, Christina Mackell (Miami) 68.667