COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State synchronized swimming team advanced six routines to the finals of the 2009 U.S. Synchronized Swimming National Championships Saturday in Palo Alto, Calif.

After finishing the technical events Friday and free routines Thursday, the Top 8 finalists solo, duet and team events were determined. Fifty percent of each score from the free and technical routines is combined to establish the overall score.

The Buckeyes’ Scarlet squad of Jayme DeLancy, Becky Kim, Carmen Moraes, Barbara Nesbitt, Jillian Penner, Deborah Shim, Caitlin Stewart and Michelle Theriault, finished second with a mark of 93.583. The squad earned first place in the free competition with a score of 95.000 and third place in the technical routine (92.167). The Gray team heads into the finals Saturday in fifth place after recording a mark of 90.417. Liz Derr, Rita Gillan, Katherine Green, Jackie Mundy, Lauren Robinson, Hannah Shively, Emilie Siemer and Kendra Sollars placed fifth in both free (92.000) and technical (88.833) routines.

Junior Barbara Nesbitt captured a second place finish overall in the solo competition with a score of 92.833. She earned a score of 92.667 in the free routine for a second place finish and placed third in the technical event with a mark of 93.000.

The Buckeyes will have three squads representing the university in the duet competition Saturday. Kim and Kinney placed second with a score of 92.883, after earning a 93.667 in their free routine and finishing third with a mark of 92.000 in the technical event. Nesbitt and Stewart garnered a sixth-place finish with a total score of 91.250, the duo earned 92.833 and 89.667 in the free and technical routines, respectively. Shim and Theriault also earned a spot in the Top 8 with a score of 89.500. The two recorded a mark of 90.000 in the free routine and 89.000 in the technical.

The 2009 U.S. Synchronized Swimming National Championships will continue Saturday with events starting at 10:15 a.m. 

2009 U.S. Synchronized Swimming National Championships
May 1, 2009
Stanford University
Top 8 Finals Qualifiers

1. Canisius College – Natalia Tarasova 93.083
2. Ohio State University – Barbara Nesbitt 92.833T
2. Santa Clara Aquamaids – Mary Killman 92.833T
4. Santa Clara Aquamaids – Layla Smith 92.333
5. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – Sona Bernardova91.167
6. Univ. of Incarnate Word – Lyssa Wallace 90.667
7. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – Hiromi Kobayashi 90.333
8. Santa Clara Aquamaids – Danielle Kramer 89.917

1. Santa Clara Aquamaids – Mary Killman, Layla Smith 93.750
2. Ohio State University – Becky Kim, Meghan Kinney 92.833
3. Canisius College – Yulia Shepeleva, Natalia Tarasova 92.750
4a Honor Brazil – Nayara Figueira, Lara Texeira 91.917
4. Stanford University – Maria Koroleva, Olivia Morgan 91.833
5. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – Sona Bernardova, Alzbeta Dufkova 91.667
6. Ohio State University – Barbara Nesbitt, Caitlin Stewart 91.250
7. Stanford University – Debbie Chen, Taylor Durand 90.500
8. Ohio State University – Deborah Shim, Michelle Theriault 89.500

1. Santa Clara Aquamaids – 94.167
2. Ohio State University – 93.583
3. Stanford University – 93.000
4. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – 90.667
5. Ohio State University – 90.417
6. Univ. of Incarnate Word – 90.167
7a Honor Brazil – 89.417
7. Arizona Aqua Stars – 85.417
8. Santa Clara Aquamaids – 85.333