Sustainability Goals

As a university, our goal is to foster campus-to-community, students-to-alumni culture of sustainability oriented practices and educational and research experiences that students and alumni transfer into local and global communities. Through our initiatives we catalyze engagement, ownership and buy-in to sustainability via engaged and inclusive partnerships, on and off campus, which support the long term economic, social and environmental welfare of the campus, surrounding neighborhoods and the global community.

Resource Stewardship Goals

Carbon Neutrality: No net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to be achieved by minimizing net GHG emissions and using carbon offsets or other measures to mitigate the remaining emissions.

Energy Use Intensity (EUI): Energy use per square foot as measurement. The university target is to reach for an EUI of 150.

Potable Water: Water treated to safe drinking levels.

Ecosystem Services are benefits to people from the natural environment. Ecosystem services are grouped into four categories: provisioning, regulating, supporting, and cultural.

University Fleet Carbon Footprint: Carbon equivalent emissions due to consumption of fuels by university owned vehicles.

Zero waste: Diversion of 90% of waste materials being reused recycled, refurbished and/or composted.

Environmentally Preferred Products and Services: Products and services with reduced negative effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services serving the same purpose.