Super Thrilled

By Felix Kvarnstrom

I am super thrilled for getting the opportunity to be part of the men’s golf team for another season. This year didn’t live up to any of our expectations. We are a talented team but didn’t have the year we had hoped. The way it ended so abruptly was disappointing as well. I am excited about getting to come back for another year and achieving the performance that I want.

My original plan was to turn professional this upcoming summer and try to qualify for a major tour in the fall. But during these unprecedented times, the idea of turning pro this year isn’t very appealing. With all of the uncertainty around the professional tours this year, not having to worry about which events I am able to get into, is a relief. Instead, coming back to campus, taking advantage of the extra year of eligibility, and having another year to prepare and plan for my professional debut is a blessing.

While turning pro is my initial goal after school, I know that I am not going to play professional golf my whole life. Being able to continue working on my degree while playing collegiate golf and utilizing the tremendous academic support here at Ohio State will help me towards my goals off the course.

Ohio State was an obvious choice for me when I decided to transfer last summer. The school has a lot of resources and it’s well recognized, both academically and athletically. I have also known Coach Moseley since I was 14 years old. We have a great relationship and it really made my transition to a new school an easy one.

I’d like to thank Gene Smith and the rest of the athletic department for making my return possible. Playing another year for Coach Moseley and Coach Smith and alongside my teammates is going to be special and I’m excited for the prospects of next season.

Go Bucks!