Sundays in the Shoe

Sundays in the Shoe provides Ohio State student-athletes the opportunity to be educated by experts in off-field topics that enhance their personal development.


pictured above: Curtis Wilson, Ken Chenault of American Express with Gene Smith


Program Overview

Sundays in the Shoe is a speaker series focused on educating student-athletes on topics that impact them off of the field. Through this program, student-athletes are joined by industry professionals that discuss their journey, passions and various career opportunities.

Pictured above: Entrepreneur Cameron Mitchell


1,184 student-athletes attended Sundays in the Shoe during the 2017-18 academic year.

Pictured above: Emily Austen spoke about her journey and the power of social media and brand responsibility

Etiquette Training

In partnership with the Etiquette Institute of Ohio, student-athletes are taught fine dining etiquette and business rapport. The program also focuses on first impressions and professional conduct at a networking event.

Etiquette Guide
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