Sundays in the Shoe

Sundays in the Shoe provides Ohio State student-athletes the opportunity to be educated by experts in off-field topics that enhance their personal development.


pictured above: Curtis Wilson, Ken Chenault of American Express with Gene Smith


Program Overview

Sundays in the Shoe is a speaker series focused on educating student-athletes on topics that impact them off of the field. Through this program, professionals from around the world come to discuss areas such as financial literacy, healthy relationships, dining etiquette, and making a first impression.

Pictured above: Entrepreneur Cameron Mitchell


1,184 student-athletes attended Sundays in the Shoe during the 2017-18 academic year.

Pictured above: Emily Austen spoke about her journey and the power of social media and brand responsibility

Etiquette Training

In partnership with the Etiquette Institute of Ohio, student-athletes are taught fine dining etiquette and business rapport. The program also focuses on first impressions and professional conduct at a networking event.

Etiquette Guide
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