July 17, 2019

Summer Bridge Program Wraps Up with Final Session


The Ohio State Department of Athletics held the fifth and final week of the Summer Bridge Program on Monday, July 15th. This week was a closing session where multiple staff members spoke about the future and advice they have for the incoming freshman student-athletes. Additionally, upperclassmen stuck around to chat and discuss any questions the students may have.

“After another successful SASSO Summer Bridge Program, this cohort of students are now better prepared for their first full semester in college. By being a participant in this program, these student-athletes were able to ease into their collegiate experience and become better acclimated to what it will be like come fall semester.”
–Adam Hatem, Assistant Director (SASSO)

The session began with a discussion led by Maddy McIntyre and Carey Fagan about the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute (EDSLI). This institute holds various programs including the Huntington Bucks Go Pro internships and the Wolstein Leadership Academy. EDSLI provides a wide-range development for student-athletes to prepare them for life after graduation.

Following the discussion about the EDSLI, they walked the group through setting up their account on the “RealLifeApp.” In this application, student-athletes fill out their academic history, career goals and aspirations in order for the staff to help better suit their wants and needs for future careers. This includes writing out a five-year and ten-year plan along with steps on how to get there. Work experience and resumes can also be added and edited as the student-athletes gain more experience throughout their college careers.

Dr. John Davidson, Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), introduced himself to the group and explained his role as FAR. In this position, he helps bridge the gap between academics and athletics as well as lending support to student-athletes throughout their academic endeavors. Dr. Davidson advocates on behalf of the student-athlete population and represents the faculty in relationship to collegiate athletics. He also serves as the liaison to both university president Dr. Michael Drake and athletics director Gene Smith.

Upperclassmen Buckeyes then came to the front of the room and shared information about themselves, such as their major and a piece of advice they wish they would have known their freshman year. In doing this, the Summer Bridge participants had the opportunity to hear from their peers and ask them any questions they may have about being an athlete at Ohio State. This provided a first-hand peer resource.

The final Summer Bridge Program session closed out with receiving feedback from the students about the program and how it can continue to improve.