July 10, 2019

Summer Bridge Program Week 4


The Ohio State Department of Athletics hosted it’s fourth week of the Summer Bridge Program on Monday, July 9th. This week was led by men’s lacrosse head coach, Nick Myers.

Myers talked to the group about expectations in academics, seeking help and approaching coaches and being honest and having accountability. He explained the resources available to the student-athletes and how to best utilize them to succeed at Ohio State. Myers then talked to the group about being realistic with your fall semester and to make sure to set boundaries for yourself. Finally, Myers touched on giving it your all here by truly pouring your heart and soul into your  academics and sport in order to succeed.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The session concluded with an activity called ‘scenarios.’ The student-athletes were broken into groups and given a scenario of something they may face in the school year. These scenarios could be that they overslept and missed a class, were late for a tutor, having technology issues, etc. Each scenario broke down who they need to reach out to depending on their issue. The students discussed it with each other and were able to find a solution to the problem whether that involved contacting their coach, trainer, counselor and/or professor. The group then explained to the rest their solution to the problem.