July 3, 2019

Summer Bridge Program – Week 3


Session III of the 2019 Summer Bridge Program was led by Dr. Jay Hobgood, COAM- Academic Misconduct Coordinator and Associate Professor. Dr. Hobgood talked to the group about the Ohio State Code of Student Conduct as well as academic integrity.

Dr. Hobgood began his discussion with a brief overview of the Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM) and their process of reviewing cases. The student-athletes learned Ohio State’s definition of academic misconduct which is written in OSU’s Code of Student Conduct and states, “… Any activity that tends to compromise the academic integrity of the University or subvert the educational process.” Common types of academic misconducts include: plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, and violation of course rules as contained in the course syllabus.

The group also learned the importance of reading the syllabus and the Code of Conduct for each class they are enrolled in because of the strict consequences and repercussions if these guidelines are broken. Dr. Hobgood went further into detail describing the consequences according to the COAM. There are both disciplinary and/or grade repercussions which include formal reprimands, disciplinary probation, suspension, dismissal (no opportunity for re-enrollment at OSU), “0” on assignment, reductions of final course grade by 1/3, 1, 2 letter grades, failing grade of “E” in the course.

Next, Dr. Hobgood continued his discussion by describing the steps a student must take after being charged with a misconduct. Each case must either go through a hearing or an appeal. He took the group through a step-by-step progression of what can happen throughout a case and the student’s rights during this process. He concluded with an open-ended question/answer discussion with the student-athletes.

The students wrapped up the session with a talk from Crystal Joens, SASSO Tutor Integrity Manager, about the proper use of SASSO’s Tutoring Services and the most prevalent cases she has seen involving student-athletes and academic misconduct.

“SASSO has continually worked to educate student-athletes and tutoring staff on the importance of academic integrity,” Joens said. “It was great to see students engaged and asking great questions surrounding this topic.”


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