June 27, 2019

Summer Bridge Program – Week 2


The Ohio State Department of Athletics presented it’s second week of the Summer Bridge Program. This week included guest speaker Molly Peirano, Assistant Compliance Director and Interim Title IX Coordinator. In this role, she supports efforts to eradicate sex-and-gender based discirmination. Periano led the group discussion in topics such as Title IX, Consent, Buckeyes ACT, Duty to Report, Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention, Contact Information to Report Incidents of Sexual Misconduct.

“Our Title IX office is an incredible support to our department and to the student-athletes themselves,” Janine Oman, Deputy Director of Athletics, said. “It is so helpful for students to be able to personalize the connection if they ever need resources or assistance during their college career. The Title IX staff provides impactful training that is individualized to our needs.”

In more detail, the group learned about Buckeye ACT, which stands for action, counseling and training. They also learned how to be an active UPstander by standing up and looking out for fellow Buckeyes by intervening in what she calls “Be and Active UPstander”

For the second half of the session, the topic transitioned to a “Student-Athlete Resource Guide” (below). This guide was created by a fellow student-athlete, laying out the various offices a student-athlete may need to contact throughout their career. The guide broke down which office/contact a student would need to reach out to based on their question. This guide is not exhaustive of everyone on campus, but focused on the most popular questions student-athletes have during their time here as a Buckeye.

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