June 27, 2017

Summer Bridge 2017: Scarlet & Grit Session


June 27, 2017

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The second week of the 2017 Summer Bridge program has begun and the Tuesday session was led by Ohio State sport psychologists Dr. Steve Graef and Dr. Jamey Houle, who were both student-athletes at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Graef opened the discussion with the topic of sports psychology. There are two different components to sports psychology that are considered the main stressors for student athletes, performance and clinical. Some examples of demands that student-athletes will deal with, especially this group because they are rising freshmen, include: playing time, being away from home, a new coaching staff, new and old relationships, and being a full-time student. Dr. Graef and Dr. Houle asked the group of student-athletes to come up with methods of coping and the answers ranged from watching Netflix to doing yoga or meditation.

Wrapping up the conversation of stress, Dr. Graef and Dr. Houle left them with a reminder when stress is introduced. They told the group to think of the ABCs: A for acceptance of the situation, B for breathing to calm and C for choosing what to do about the stress.

“When making decisions about dealing with stress, keep your eyes wide open, and be aware of what you are doing because it won’t be so easy to avoid your demands.” said Dr. Houle.

Brooke Glesenkamp, a women’s swimmer, in the summer bridge program, concluded the day with a reflection on what she learned from Dr. Graef and Dr. Houle in Tuesday’s session.

“I now have a better understanding of the new and different ways I can deal with stress,” Glesenkamp said. “I learned while demands can pile up, I have a team of Buckeyes behind me that always have my back.”

The summer bridge program continues next week on the topic of academic integrity.