March 1, 2018

Succeeding in the Classroom: Carley Gaskill


March 1, 2018

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – It’s never too early to start planning for the future, just ask Ohio State softball infielder Carley Gaskill.

The sophomore was recently accepted into the Max M. Fisher College of Business, an important feat since she is planning to use her accounting major to pursue a career in sports accounting.

“I was super excited when I got accepted,” Gaskill exclaimed. “We were on the road at Texas and I told my coaches. They were all thrilled that I got in.”

“What a great accomplishment for Carley,” said head coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly. “She’s worked tirelessly to put herself in the position to succeed in the business school. We’re so proud of her.”

Gaskill hasn’t always known that business was her calling. Like many freshmen, she came in without a clue of where this journey would take her.

“When I first came to Ohio State, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after college,” said Gaskill. “After some time, I started to notice how much I really enjoyed math. A couple different options went through my head at that point. I decided late in the spring semester of my freshman year that I wanted to pursue a business degree because it allows me to pursue a career that involves math and I could potentially stay in the sports as well.”

Although she made a decision about her major, making the transition from high school to college proved to be a little more difficult.

“For me personally, I had a rougher transition than most,” Gaskill admitted. “My first semester of college did not go smoothly but I was able to push through and maintain a high GPA. After making it through first semester and understanding what college is like, I was able to continuously be successful in the classroom.”

Gaskill understood that she couldn’t do it all on her own. Luckily, she had plenty of resources provided by Ohio State to help her along the way.

“My drive to be successful helped me to become a better student,” Gaskill said. “But I can’t take all the credit. Coach [Schoenly] really helped me get through my first couple months of college. She helped me gain knowledge of time management and utilizing all the resources Ohio State offers its athletes academically. I go to the Younkin Success Center quite often. It’s a place where many of the student-athletes go to get their studying done or to talk to our SASSO advisors. I also take advantage of the tutoring that is available to me through SASSO.”

Ohio State’s Student Athlete Support Services Offices (SASSO) is just one of many resources the university has available. Such resources place value on cultivating success both on and off the field, which has been instrumental in Gaskill’s two years as a Buckeye.

“One of the most valuable lesson I’ve learned since I’ve been at Ohio State is not to be afraid to speak up,” Gaskill added. “This could mean asking questions in the classroom or at practice, or even going to ask for help. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone only allows you to grow as a person and I believe that the people here in the athletics and academic departments do a great job of pushing students to help them reach their ultimate goals.”

With her academic dreams coming true, Gaskill knows she made the right choice coming to Ohio State.

“I chose Ohio State because it’s the school I have always dreamt of going to,” said Gaskill. “I’m from California, but my father is from Ohio so not growing up a Buckeye fan wasn’t an option. I wanted a big school with great athletic and academic departments. Academics definitely played a key role in my decision to come here. Yes, I was undecided in my major when making this decision but I knew what being an athlete at The Ohio State University would do for me after college. Ohio State is the perfect fit for me.”