May 24, 2001

%^$COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University, the Athletic Council and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics proudly salutes and celebrates the accomplishments of the following 345 student-athletes who have distinguished themselves by performing brilliantly in the classroom and in athletic competition this past year. All of these individuals have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better since the end of the winter quarter of their freshman year.%^$

%^$MEN’S TRACK and FIELD/CROSS COUNTRY%^$Aldredge, Robert A. Jr. Natural Resources 3rd%^$Bukowski, Kenneth A. Fr. Engineering 1st%^$Butler, Derrick A. So. Engineering 2nd%^$Cerveny, Jeffrey S. So. Engineering 2nd%^$Connor, Ian K. Sr. Arts & Sciences 2nd%^$Dickson, Thomas G. Sr. Business 2nd%^$Ehimwenman, Nosa C. Fr. University College 1st%^$Fermier, Thomas A. So. Business 1st%^$Gerth, Sjaan C. Fr. University College 1st%^$Hermiller, Chad M. Jr. Arts & Sciences 2nd%^$Hutchinson, Nathan C. So. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Johnson, Corey A. Sr. Engineering 3rd%^$Memmer, Jeffrey S. Fr. University College 1st%^$Miller, Timothy L. Sr. Arts & Sciences 4th%^$Myers, Robert A. So. Agriculture 2nd%^$Naumoff, Casey A. Fr. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Newsad, Bradley D. Sr. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Norman, Jonathan J. Jr. Agriculture 3rd%^$O’Rielley, Jeffrey J. Jr. Engineering 3rd%^$Overmyer, Alan R. Fr. Engineering 1st%^$Pacak, John P. So. Engineering 2nd%^$Saurer, Andrew L. Jr. Business 3rd%^$Schaengold, Zachary C. Fr. Engineering 1st%^$Slawinski, Richard P. Jr. Engineering 2nd%^$Smith, Nicholas R. Jr. Arts & Sciences 2nd%^$Wade, Brett N. Fr. University College 1st%^$White, Jonathan R. So. Engineering 2nd%^$Willis, Gregory P. Jr. Business 3rd%^$

%^$WOMEN’S TRACK and FIELD/CROSS COUNTRY%^$Brown, Lindsay M. Fr. University College 1st%^$Chambers, Nicholette N. Jr. University College 1st%^$Craig, Kathryn J. Jr. Business 1st%^$Frye, Kathleen E. Sr. Arts & Sciences 2nd%^$Hancox, Keeley K. Sr. Art 2nd%^$Heintz, Rebecca S. So. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Hohenberger, Barbara A. Jr. Allied Med. 1st%^$Kelly, Karyn L. Sr. Business 3rd%^$McCall Alexis M. Fr. University College 1st%^$Miller, Rachael Y. Fr. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Nease, Molly J. So. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Ordway, Jennifer M. Fr. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Patterson, Brooke M. Fr. University College 1st%^$Ryan, Cheridy R. Fr. Agriculture 1st%^$Sergent, Sara J. Fr. University College 1st%^$Smith, Tamara L. So. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Sparks, Angela C. So. Engineering 1st%^$Telecky, Bethany A. Fr. Arts & Sciences 1st%^$Zukowski, Rachel A. Jr. Arts & sciences 2nd%^$