Aug. 27, 2014

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No. 2 Marisa Wolf, Junior Defender
Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Communications

Marisa Wolf is a three-year starter on the Ohio State women’s soccer team, playing in 37 career matches entering the 2014 season. The communications major started her career as a forward, scoring three goals while adding two assists as a freshman, but joined the Buckeye back line as a sophomore and enters her second season as an anchor of the Ohio State defense this year.

Student Life
Do you prefer Oval Beach in the Fall or Spring (or maybe the Winter)? – Fall
Where is the best place to sit for lectures? – Middle
Most underrated place to study on campus – Thompson Library
Why did you choose to major in communications? – Because it would help prepare me for my career
If you were the University President for a day, what would you do? – Call school off
Describe your first day as a student at The Ohio State University? – Overwhelming

Popular Culture
Who do you wish had a Twitter account? Why would you want to “follow” this account? – Marilyn Monroe because she seemed interesting
Favorite TV show – Gossip Girl
Favorite movie – Divergent
Favorite book and/or magazine – InStyle Magazine
Favorite celebrity – Audrey Hepburn
Favorite singer or musical group – Beyonce
Last concert I attended was – Blink 182

Favorite pro sports team – Cincinnati Reds
Favorite athlete – Alex Morgan
The athlete I would most like to compete against – Alex Morgan
Favorite athletic memory – When North Carolina fans yelled “I-O” to our “O-H” after we beat Duke earlier this year in Chapel Hill
Team you’re most looking forward to competing against – North Carolina
Pre-game/match superstition/Pre-game/match ritual – Left cleat goes on first
What is your top skill? What skill do you need to improve? – Heading and I need to improve on the weight of my pass

Most interesting place I’ve visited – Space Needle in Seattle
Place I would like to visit – Italy

Favorite home cooked meal – Spaghetti
Favorite snack food – Pretzels

Person I most admire – My Jonni
In 10 years, I would like to be – In a stable job
If I had a million dollars, I would – Move to Italy
Coolest thing you did this past summer – Whitewater rafting
Most prized possession – My gold chain
I would like to trade places for a day with – My dad
Best piece of advice you’ve received – When you resist what is, suffering begins
If you could have dinner with any 3 people (alive or dead), who would they be and what/where would you eat – Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lopez at Marcela’s
Dream event (non-sport or sport-related) you would like to attend – National Championship
Who tweets too much on your team – Jillian McVicker
Do you have an interesting nickname? – Deuce
What is your hometown known for? – Skyline Chili
Pop or Soda? – Pop
Cats or Dogs? – Dogs
Early Bird or Night Owl? – Early Bird