Dec. 30, 2013

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Danielle Gagne, No. 19
Women’s Hockey
Caledon, Ontario
Major: Psychology

Danielle Gagne, a junior on the women’s hockey team and a product of Caledon, Ontario, has suited up 91 times in her career for the Scarlet and Gray. This season she is tied for fourth on the team in scoring with eight points on four goals and four assists, while she has tallied 36 points throughout her career on 18 goals and 18 assists. Gagne netted the game-winning score in a Dec. 1, 2013 non-conference game at New Hampshire and has three game-winners to her name over the course of the past three seasons. 

Student Life

    • Do you prefer the Oval in the Fall or Spring (or maybe the Winter)? Spring is the best time on the Oval because of the sunshine and you can get a nice tan and relax.
    • Where is the best place to sit for lectures? In the middle of the room. It’s also nice to have empty seats beside you sometimes for my elbow room.
    • Why did you choose to major in psychology? I chose to major in psychology because I love learning about people’s behaviors and why people might think the way they do. I love learning about body language and I have yet to take a class I don’t enjoy.
    • If you were the University President for a day, what would you do? Teach everyone how to skate since a lot of people in Ohio don’t know how!

Popular Culture
Favorite TV show(s) – Modern Family and Big Bang Theory
Favorite movie – Inception and Bridesmaids
Favorite book and/or magazine – A Great and Terrible Beauty Trilogy
Favorite celebrity – Sheldon Cooper
Favorite singer or musical group – Mariana’s Trench, Avicii, Krewella
Last concert I attended was – VELD Music Festival in Toronto

Favorite pro sports team – Toronto Maple Leafs
Favorite athlete – Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby
The athlete I would most like to compete against – Martin Brodeur to see if I could score a goal
Favorite athletic memory – Competing in the Canada Winter Games for Team Ontario and beating the Wisconsin Badgers, 4-2, on their senior night my freshman year
Team you’re most looking forward to competing against – Minnesota so we can prove ourselves!
Pre-game superstition/ritual – Always head the soccer ball back and forth with Becky Allis after off ice warm up. I always put on my left shin pad and skate before my right and I always stretch in the same spot during on-ice warm up.
What is your top skill? What skill do you need to improve? – My top skills are my strength and my shot. I need to improve on my shot blocking.

Most interesting place I’ve visited – Aruba is my favorite place
Place I would like to visit – Greece or Paris

Favorite home cooked meal – My mom’s lasagna or stir fry, or my dad’s steak and lobster
Favorite snack food – Popcorn or grapes

People I most admire – My parents. They are truly the greatest role models and I hope I can raise my children the same way in the future.
In 10 years, I would like to be – Working at a job I love and having the ability to travel the world
If I had a million dollars, I would – Send my mother to Greece, buy my father a truck and travel everywhere I wanted
Most prized possession – My hockey skates and hockey stick
I would like to trade places for a day with – Natalie Spooner or Minttu Tuominen (both former Buckeyes) to see what it would be like to play for an Olympic Team!
Best piece of advice you’ve received – Learn to let go of the things you cannot control
Any superstitions, non-game related – If the clasp of your necklace comes to the front of your chest, you get to make a wish as you pull it back to normal. You can also make a wish if you find and eat a chip that is folded in half in your bag. And if you sneeze four times it’s lucky.
Dream event (non-sport or sport-related) you would like to attend – The Olympic Gold Medal game for Men’s or Women’s Ice Hockey. Also, I would love to attend the Tomorrowland Music Festival in Europe.
If your parents bragged about you, what would they say? They would tell people how proud they were that I was a Buckeye!
Do you have an interesting nickname? Everyone calls me by my last name Gagne (pronounced gone-yay) or they call me Gags.
What is your hometown known for? The safest city in Canada!
Pop or Soda? Pop
Cats or Dogs? I have two cats, but I want a pug puppy so bad!
Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl
Would you be the O, H, I or the O? I’m usually the H or the I