Sept. 15, 2012

Backup quarterback Kenny Guiton is both a student and fan of football and has used the game’s teachable moments as motivation to find the positive during some of the most challenging situations. With the 2012 season underway, Guiton’s optimism is apparent as he continues to help showcase the new era of Buckeye football.


On his favorite class

“I took a theater class that was enjoyable. I think I have a hidden talent for acting. Just acting for a whole quarter was really fun and playing different roles was great to do.”

On his future career goals

“I hope to work with my teammates and others who move on to the NFL. I’m earning my financial planning degree right now and if guys need help handling their finances in the future I could be their financial planner. I’m good with numbers, so that’s a route I would want to take.”

On his favorite student Buckeye tradition

“I would have to say the whole week preparing for Michigan. From the Mirror Lake jump to when Michigan arrives [in Columbus] or vice versa. You watch television and everyone is hyping up the game. I love everything about that week. When you get done with the team from the week before, you’re not worried about a bowl game or anything else, it’s just Michigan.”


On head coach Urban Meyer

“Coach Meyer gets the best out of his players. He also teaches you how to be a man. It’s about respect and having him around can really help build character, so he’s a great man.”

On college football’s teachable moments

“College football has taught me it’s not always going to be easy, not just in football, but in life period. You’re always going to have times when things aren’t going to go your way and football really teaches you how to rely on the people around you. My teammates have helped me overcome bad situations, but ultimately football teaches you to be humble and how to handle your ups and downs.”

On the most exciting thing about the spread offense

“I think the name itself. You’re just spreading everybody out and it’s about seeing which team is better out on the open field. Our guys have the confidence we’re going to win that battle and if you want to spread your guys out, then we’ll attack you with the run game.”

On quarterback Braxton Miller

“I can see him maturing every day, he’s catching on and he’s getting a lot better. I think that’s what it means to be a quarterback. It’s not just knowing what you’re going to do, but to know what your teammates and the opposing defense is about to do.”

By: Kenneth Johnson, Athletics Communications