January 20, 1999

COLUMBUS, Ohio – By Aaron McLear, Student Intern

%^$In today’s collegiate world, sometimes filled with youthful indiscretion and forgotten morals, a student who defines herself by old-fashioned family values stands unique. Such is the case with sophomore Mandy Stanhope, the Buckeye guard who grew up across the road from her grandparents and has not forgotten where she came from.

%^$”I grew up in a family atmosphere and am very family-oriented,” Stanhope said. “When I have a family I want my kids to know their grandparents. That’s how I grew up and I think that it made me the person I am today.”

%^$Stanhope’s grandparents are active in the Rebounders’ Club, the basketball support organization which is part of the Buckeye Basketball atmosphere that Stanhope has grown to love. Adding to the comforting aura of the program for Stanhope is the camaraderie she shares with her teammates.

%^$”I’m really, really lucky to have everybody here on the team, it wouldn’t be as fun on weekends without them,” Stanhope said. “We hang out together not because we have to, but because we get along and we all really like each other.”

%^$She adds that the friendships are important to the team chemistry. “On and off the court we’re all very close, that’s a good thing because we have to spend so much time together with everyone on the team. It’s very important that everyone gets along and that has not been a problem for us at all,” she said.

%^$With so many changes and new faces in the program in the past two years, it is remarkable that the team chemistry has remained so strong. Stanhope, herself, has seen her role change on the team, with the addition of three freshmen guards to the roster – a luxury the Buckeyes have not enjoyed in a while. Throughout the season, however, she has maintained a very team-oriented attitude.

%^$”Everybody has their role, I know my role. I respect decisions, I don’t doubt them at all,” Stanhope said. “Whether I’m on the bench or in the game or at practice, I’ll go out there and give 110 percent and just stay positive.”

%^$Outside the basketball arena, Stanhope has other interests that fill her ever-dwindling spare time. A math major, she hopes to one day teach high school math and coach basketball. She also has an interest in politics, her minor, and enjoys discussing politics with anyone who will listen.

%^$”I’ve always been interested in politics. I enjoy watching CNN and I like to get into political debates and arguments with people,” Stanhope said. “It’s kind of a joke on the team so they all try to get me worked up about things that are going on in the world.”

%^$True to her roots, she said she would like to stay close to home after graduation, possibly in her hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio. Even on the heels of the team’s trip to Hawaii over Christmas break, Stanhope still feels like there is no place like home.

%^$”I’m not a big fan of cold weather and I could live in Hawaii if it weren’t so far from my family. As much as I love warm weather and the beach I think that I will probably always stay close to home,” she said.