Kiara McClendon

Learning Specialist

Name: Kiara McClendon
Position: Learning Specialist
Hometown: West Orange/Montclair, NJ
Alma Mater, grad year: Rutgers University
Interest: Traveling, going to sporting events, mentoring others.
Education: B.A. Communication & Africana Studies, M.C.I.S in Communication, M.Ed. in Sport Leadership
Professional Background: In the field of student-athlete support, I was a graduate tutor with Rutgers Athletics, a Graduate Assistant with Virginia Commonwealth University SASS, and a Post-grad intern at Florida State all working with a variety of sports. Past experience in radio and music entertainment and corporate and athletic communications, with companies like Hot 97, Rutgers Athletic Communication, and Atlantic Records.
Best part of my job: Investing in the student-athletes as people, helping them build the core of and belief in who they are and what they are capable of. Favorite Quote: “You are your only limit.”